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Manage your time effectively in Childcare Supervision Essay Sample

This sample will focus on the time management skills of the child care supervisors at their workplace. It talks about how to manage your time effectively in childcare supervision. The proper management of time helps the supervisor or any employee of an organization to balance their work and personal life.

Manage your time effectively in Childcare Supervision Essay Sample

The childcare supervisor faces many challenges while providing early care, education, and development for the children. Conducting of the Educational and training programmes for other staffs and children is also an important task of the supervisor. For effectively managing, communicating and organization of the tasks a supervisor might feel overburdened. This is when the time management plays it’s the role and shows it’s relevancy. When there are multiple tasks to be performed with less time in hand then a supervisor needs to learn the time management skills to perform its tasks efficiently and effectively on time.

An Effective Time Management by the Childcare Supervisors

When our focus is to manage your time effectively in childcare supervision you could take up various methods to manage time and create efficiency at work. Some of the methods to help in time management by childcare supervisors are:-

1. Open Door Policy

This is an effective and sound policy for childcare supervisors to manage their time at work. They can handle the communication process efficiently by creating emergency room and number for handling any immediate threat or danger.

It creates defined and proper time slots through newsletters and emails to reply immediately to important issues and questions of parents or any outsider. This not only allows an uninterrupted flow of communication and information but also helps in the regular management of time.

During the regular working hours, the supervisor could place a card outside his cabin of “Do no disturbance”. So that the parents and other staff do not disturb and waste your time while performing important daily tasks. A supervisor could also assign a junior to answer or make calls on the behalf of him as it saves time. Unnecessary phone calls and text messages should be ignored at every cost in order to save time.

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2. Making a ‘to-do lists by child supervisors

Time could be managed properly by creating a specific well-defined draft on daily tasks and activities by the supervisor. They must include the daily important tasks in their ‘to-do lists’ so that there is no pressure of remembering the tasks daily. One could easily refer to the daily tasks by having a glimpse of the list.

When there is a list of priorities of work then it gives a clear picture in the mind of the supervisor which tasks to be done first. This will help them in avoiding any wastage of time on unnecessary, less important and mundane tasks. Good time management helps in the mood upliftment and gives a sense of achievement at the end of the day as all the important tasks are already completed.

3. Get organized and managed at work

For becoming an organized person one needs to be skilful and requires practice overtime to get better at it. Since the childcare supervisors have to perform many managerial, supervisory, training and monitoring tasks he needs to be more vigilant about time and organization of work.

Childcare Supervisors performing the manual work needs a well-ordered system at work that includes important documents being kept well and organized in proper folders. If the work is being done on a computer, separate files must be maintained by the supervisor to keep confidential information about tasks.

The physical place of work of a supervisor must be free of scattered papers, unorganized documents, and files. They need to be kept organized in the filing cabinets where easy access could be made.

The task performance becomes simple and easy when one knows the exact location of his important documents and source of information or resource while performing their job.

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4. Delegation of work by the childcare supervisors

Since there is a lot of management and training tasks from the end of the supervisor, he needs to unburden his workload. No matter how well an employee or a supervisor tries to perform several tasks at one time they need to delegate work to others. Delegation of tasks or work is required to get an effective outcome of the project.

Childcare supervisor performs the responsibility of a team leader as well. The responsibility of a team leader is the management and proper delegation and allotment of work amongst the other members of the team.

Delegation of work is an effective tool for managing tasks and time efficiently which is a common practice in the corporate and organizations. This policy should also be adopted by child supervisors to manage tasks and process information efficiently.

5. Time Expenditure Policy

A time slot or log must be taken out only for the tasks which can be executed on time. Employees or supervisors productivity level is at its peak in the first slot of working hours i.e. morning and by evening the efficiency of an employee drops.

So, keeping this in mind the supervisor shall keep important tasks in the first slot of the day as he could work efficiently. Keeping the rest of the work for the later part of the day.

In this way, supervisors could manage his days and have a realistic plan for the complete week by keeping in mind his fluctuating energy levels. This will keep him on alert throughout the day.

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Role of Supervisors in Childcare

  • The childcare supervisors are responsible for their role of supervising and management of children and their parents. This also includes supervision and team leadership in early child care.
  • The role of the supervisor in childcare is to establish review and maintain the quality of standards in an Early Childcare.
  • Supervisors should be self-aware and skillful in their supervisory roles. They must protect children from any health hazards and risky behaviours.
  • They are responsible for managing, supporting, evaluation, monitoring and feedback of performance of other staffs and personnel.
  • Supervisors are responsible for effective time management and to work as a team leader to effectively deliver their work.
  • They are in charge of taking care of children’s psychological, mental, social, spiritual, physical, and intellectual health.

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Above essay sample is written on the topic of how to manage your time effectively in childcare supervision. It focuses on the importance of time management in work by the childcare supervisors. This sample could be of great help to FETAC Level 6, QQI Level 5 and 6, Childcare, Early childhood education, Childcare Supervisors, Law, Health and Well-being students of Ireland.

The following sample could also be read in the light of National Guidance for Protection and welfare of children 2017, Child Care Act 1991, Children First Act 2015, and Child and Family Act 2015 under the Irish laws.

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