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Management of Infectious Diseases in the Childcare Settings Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample work shall highlight infection control in childcare settings, the spread of the common infections in children, and ways to stop the spread of infection in a childcare setting.

Infections have become common in young children in a childcare setting as they are not very aware of maintaining a personal hygiene routine. Adult carers working in childcare settings come into frequent contact with the children from where diseases can be easily spread from one person to another.

Management of Infectious Diseases in the Childcare Settings Essay Sample Ireland

Communicable disease control can be possible in a childcare setting with the help of chlorine-based disinfectants so that there can be no surface spread to the body of any person. The hygiene of the place can be maintained by either cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting.

Spread of the Common Infections in the Children in Childcare Setting 

Some of the common infections that affect children can be in the form of viruses, bacteria, worms, fungi, and parasites.

  • Viruses can cause the common cold, flu, and other gastrointestinal issues. It can cause even cold sores, chickenpox, etc.
  • Bacterial infections can cause strep throat, whooping coughs in children, and conjunctivitis.
  • Many fungal infections can be caused due to parasites which include scabies, pinworms, head lice, etc.

These germs can enter the body of a child or an adult working in a childcare setting. The most common way of disease spreads can be through sneezing and coughing through the droplet transmission.

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Another way of the spread of infection can be through direct physical contact of an infected person with a healthy person. Touching any contaminated surface or infected area of a person and then touching the nose, mouth or eyes can lead to infection.

Some contagious diseases are so serious that they can be spread not just through physical contact with the affected person but also by being in the same room or space.

Ways to Stop the Spread of Infection in Childcare Setting 

There are various ways through which the spread of infections in a childcare setting can be managed and reduced with social exclusion, vaccination, hand washing, etc. The play areas and food areas need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Some of the ways through which spread and the outbreak of infection can be controlled in the childcare setting are:-


Cleaning on a regular basis with the help of detergents and lukewarm water is an effective way of reducing the outspread of germs in the environment. Cleaning can be done with the help of washing liquids, detergents, powder, water, soap, and elbow grease. Areas must be cleaned with patience and not in a hurry and must be made clear by making it a part of the written cleaning policy.


It is a method that is used only when it is necessary and is not very recommended for the hygiene of the environment and is seen to be potentially hazardous. They need to be used with care and caution following instructions and must be used when there is a sudden outbreak of infection.

These disinfectants like sodium Hypochlorite (bleaching) and Sodium Dichloroissocyanurate can be used for disinfecting childcare settings.


Vaccination or Immunization is an effective method for protecting children against the most serious infections and illnesses. Immunization prevents any community spread of such deadly diseases. By getting the children vaccinated the children who cannot be vaccinated due to their tender age also gets protected from such diseases.

Social Exclusion

Children who are sick and have contagious diseases must refrain from going out of their homes to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Going to school can outspread the contagious disease amongst the other children as well.

Some diseases are so serious that even after recovering from the disease it can remain in the body and be contagious. Doctors in such cases can ask such children to remain at home for a certain specific time period.

Some infections are so contagious even before any symptoms develop in a person. Children who have developed such symptoms can be asked to stay at home until their infection is confirmed. This is applicable to nonimmunized children.

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Washing of Hands

Washing of hands is an important way to prevent any spread of infections as most of the diseases come from the contact of hands. It must be made a regular habit to the children and food must be prepared only with clean hands.

Proper soap must be used for washing hands and drying with the help of a dry towel is very important to avoid any germs and hands must be moisturized regularly.

Hand Sanitization

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers or hand rubs must be used when there is no soap and water. These hand rubs are highly inflammable and toxic and should be kept away from the reach of young children.

Covering up Broken Skin and Bruises

Open wounds and skin with bruises must be covered with the help of bandages or band-aids to keep the infected area clean reducing the risk of spread of infection. Gloves and an apron must be used for using any chemical disinfectants, proper disposal of blood spills, and discharge to remove the risk of any germs and infection.


Animals must be kept clean and away from the areas where food is cooked and served. Children must not play with nonsupervised and nonvaccinated animals. Veterinary care must be provided to the pet animals and the health department must give advice to carers before they plan a visit to a farm or any such other establishments with children.

Monitoring Health of the Pregnant Female Staff 

The health of such staff must be taken into consideration the most as they are potentially much more prone to infectious diseases from the children. They can easily get affected by the chickenpox virus, measles, slapped cheek, and other diseases which can even put their child at life risk. The GP and carer can help pregnant women who are prone to getting such infections.

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The above essay sample has focused mainly on the spread of infection and steps taken for their control and prevention in the childcare setting.

Infection Prevention and Control Course QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI, Child Health and Wellbeing QQI Level 5, Healthcare QQI Level 5, Childcare QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain specific knowledge on the management of infectious disease and childcare.

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