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Personal Reflection on Innovation Management Essay Sample 

This sample will explain the innovation management and personal reflection of an intern who has worked in Accenture, a company that is popular for innovation management in Ireland.

Innovation management is the process of managing creative innovative ideas and processing them to be able to put them into action. Such a plan of action generates revenue and business out of it. It also requires the right tools to be able to identify the issues and to ensure progress.

Innovation ensures a company’s growth and competitiveness in the market by improving its level of productivity, employee loyalty, cost-saving. It also reduces staff turnover and boosts confidence and staff morale.

Successful innovation of management involves the collaboration of ideas, turning ideas into reality, implementation of ideas, value creation, resolving business problems through creative solutions.

Some of the top innovation management companies in Ireland are:-

  • Dell EMC
  • Musgrave
  • Apple
  • AIB
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Google
  • Linkedin
  • Bank of Ireland

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Internship work personal experience in Innovation Management Company (Accenture, Ireland) 

Every year students are hired for working as paid interns in the top reputed Irish companies in the field of innovation management and product design.

I am a student at UCD College of Business, Ireland which is a leading business school in the country. Six months of working as a part-time or full-time intern is compulsory in our business school to gain practical knowledge and skills.

So, I was seeking an internship opportunity in a well-reputed firm or management company. I got a call for working as a paid intern for the next six months in Accenture, Ireland. My field specialization was in strategic planning and innovation management.

In my company, we were six students from the same college and stream who were working in the same team. I personally got involved in every work and matter in detail and learned the various challenges that are faced by the innovation manager.

We were working under such an innovation manager only from whom we learned implementation and creation of new innovative ideas and techniques to put such ideas into action.

The importance of learning technology and understanding new technologies is a must when one is dealing with innovation and management. Such new ideas and the creativity of plans help in capturing, integrating, and market management.

We learned that technological advances and changes can improve the company’s market position, value, credibility, and competitiveness. To be able to learn innovation knowing technology is a must.

My personal account can also give a clear idea to even technology and innovation, management students.

Our team worked on projects where we learned to manage the projects, handling tasks, multitasking, plan, organizing, communicate skills. It helped in creating effective coordination in the teamwork which resulted in project success and meeting the expectations of our company’s stakeholders.

Suitable and appropriate communication channels were established by keeping in mind the nature of the organization. Innovation management software tool was used effectively for the implementation of ideas.

Innovation managers having clear strategic planning, idea, future market trends, cost-effective technology, advanced technology, and thinking abilities. They communicate these ideas and information to the team members so that we can work on the instructions of them.

We could also communicate our own personal and creative ideas to be considered by the team. Several challenges were posed in front of us on a daily basis to be able to learn tackling them. Our efforts were truly recognized by the seniors and were encouraged by the manager personally.

Employees or team members or even an intern with a creative mindset who has insights, practical knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and skills were appreciated and encouraged by the team and seniors.

It makes better addressing the marketing issues and better use of technology. It increased the confidence of the staff to work with pure conviction.

Personal conclusion or reflection after having worked in the company

Through my personal experience, I uphold this thought that a startup company can easily take up such an innovation management process. As it has nothing to lose or gain and can take risks when starting off with a new idea, technology, or management.

But any established organization with new creative ideas, technology, innovation techniques cannot afford to have huge exposure to risk as there is too much uncertainty.

But also taking absolutely no risk can make the company run out of business as it needs to remain updated with the current market scenario and market demand.

The research and development department is also an integral part of such innovation management companies.

Any company dealing with innovation management must have a software tool called innovation software management. It works with the help of cloud computing and social sharing media.

This tool has numerous benefits to the company as it improves employee engagement, better decision making, optimization of the innovative process, analyses the degree of innovation if a company, identification of new markets and business models, improving customer experience and creating an overall innovation culture and brand recognition value.

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The above sample is a personal reflection of an internship experience in an innovation management company.

Strategic Management, Innovation, and Management, Product Innovation Management, Enabled Innovation, Technology and Innovation Management, Business Management, Computer science and Information Technology (IT), and QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to get an idea about work culture in an innovation management company.

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