Max Weber Bureaucracy Essay Sample – Elements of Bureaucracy

Max Weber defines bureaucracy as a highly formalized, structured, and even an impersonal organization. While writing on Max’s weber bureaucracy essay, Irish students should focus on the characteristics and benefits of bureaucracy. According to Max Weber’s management theory, an organization should have well-defined rules, lines of authority, regulations, and hierarchical structure.

Bureaucracy refers to organizational system design for accomplishing large-scale administrative tasks. Weber emphasized that bureaucratic type of power is ideal for systematically coordinating the work of many individuals. By including the merits and demerits of bureaucracy, the students can prepare an impressive essay.

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Six significant elements of Max Weber’s bureaucratic form:

  1. Formal hierarchical structure: Each level in the bureaucratic organization controls the level below it. The hierarchical legal structure is the basis of a centralized decision-making process and central planning.
  2. Functional Specialty Organization: The specialists within the organization do the work. Max Weber six principles of bureaucracy divide the employees into specific units depending on the type of work or skills possessed by them.
  3. Rules-based management: The different organizations use various rules to exerting control. That is why; the lower levels execute the decisions seamlessly conducted at higher levels.
  4. Focused mission: If the organization has the mission to serve the board, stakeholders, or any other agency empowering it, then it is up-focused. However, if the purpose of the organization is to serve itself and those within the organization, then it describes the advantages of bureaucracy methodological provision.
  5. Impersonal: The bureaucratic organizations treat all the employees within it equally. Along with it, the organizations treat all its customers equally and do not allow individual differences for other influences.
  6. Technical qualifications for employment: The selection of the employees within bureaucratic organizations depends on the technical qualifications. Moreover, Weber’s economy and society bureaucracy describe the significant role of having technical skills.

Characteristics or exclusive features of Weber’s bureaucracy

  • Administrative class: The bureaucratic organizations include administrative level, which is responsible for maintaining the various activities of the members. The employees within the organization receive prerequisites based on their positions. Moreover, rationalism and modern society show how an employee gets employment according to their performance.
  • A formal set consisting of rules and regulations: The administrative process is continuous and controlled by customary laws within bureaucratic organizations. The rules of the organization are highly stable. The set of rules and regulations offer stability and predictability.
  • Division of work: Work of the bureaucratic organization divides based on specialization for taking advantage of labor. It ensures that each office has a clearly-defined area of competence, and they know the area where to operate. Moreover, the classical theory of modernity ensures that no work is left uncovered.
  • Impersonality in the application of rules: Relationships among the individuals within bureaucratic organizations controlled through the system of rules.
  • Well-defined hierarchy within the organization: Hierarchy is the system of ranking different positions from top to bottom within the organization. The basic feature of the organization with bureaucracy is that it includes a hierarchy of positions. The introduction of bureaucracy in the organization is subject to supervision or control by a higher one.

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Max Weber’s  bureaucracy elements  essay

Title: Is there any benefit of bureaucracy in the organization?

The management process becomes accessible within the bureaucratic organization. The bureaucracy leads to specific rules and procedures for every work, along with consistency in employee behavior. The regulations and duties of each job clearly define that there is no question of confliction. The promotion and selection procedure gets more accessible through the bureaucracy. The functions of bureaucracy assist in putting the right persons on the correct jobs.

Within the bureaucratic organization, there is the proper utilization of human resources. However, the system of bureaucracy suffers from much paperwork. Moreover, the employees become used to administration, which resists any change or update in techniques.

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