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Medication Management Ireland Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall focus on the medical administration and management, medication management rights and principles, safety in the medication management, and medication protocols.

Medication Management Ireland Essay Sample

Medication administration is considered to be the most important component of medication management. NMBI in Ireland has developed certain guidance for nurses and midwives for carrying out medication administration. This guidance is developed for the following activities:-

  • To help the nurses and midwives in determining the scope of practice in relation to medical administration.
  • For supporting and guiding nurses and midwives with their roles and responsibilities and making them accountable for the administration of medication for the patients in the care settings.
  • For determining the relevant laws and regulations to support nurses and midwives in the medication administration.
  • In affirming the conduct of nurses or midwives on the administration of medication using principles of the Code.

Medication management includes a number of activities like ordering, prescribing, storing, transporting, preparing, receiving, disposing of, reviewing, etc. It can also include medical reconciliation.

Guidance to Nurses and Midwives on Medication Management was introduced in 2007 which outlines the general principles and responsibilities of nurses, the cycle of medication management, safety in medication management, and management protocols.

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Medication Management – Principles and Rights

Medication management has activities that must be taken up by the nurses and midwives according to the needs, situation, policies, protocols, and scope of practice of nurses or midwives. This makes them accountable, efficient in nursing practice, and competent in dealing with any emergency situations.

There are guiding principles of medication administration that need to be followed while care is being delivered to the patients related to medicinal products.

The five rights of medication administration should be applied to each patient or service user and they are:-

  • The right medication may include the awareness of fake or lookalike medications, practices indicating generic names of medication, and matching the prescription of medicine against the label of the dispensed medicines.
  • Healthcare professionals have the right in relation to the patient or user to be certain about the individual identity of a person who is at the receiving end of the medication. The medical history of patients to be checked, name and age of the patient to be ensured for his identity. The photo identity of the patient must be maintained on the medical administration record.
  • An appropriate administration method must be prescribed for the medication of the patient and such medication must be clear to the prescriber.
  • Appropriate equipment must be used for measuring the right amount of dosage of medication. It must be appropriate based on age, size, and any other variables.
  • Timely delivery of dozes of the medication must be given to the patient for maintaining blood drug levels.

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Safety in the Medication Management 

Medication errors are events that can be prevented and that may lead to the improper use of medication by the patients. It is a very common type of medical error that has adverse effects on the body of the patient.

Medical errors can be in relation to healthcare products, procedures, systems, and practices of the profession. A nurse or midwife must be well aware of the consequences of administering any medications which is intended to provide care to the patient.

They must also determine the side effects of the modified medicines and must ensure that other forms of methods have already been considered by getting appropriate advice before doing so.

Immunization or vaccination is the most effective mechanism for preventing and eradicating any infectious disease in public spaces. Healthcare professionals are responsible for the promotion of public health and prevention of community outspread of infectious diseases. This may include influenza, flu, hepatitis, and childhood vaccination.

Nurses and midwives are mostly involved in these immunization programs where they are capable enough to handle vaccine and to deliver them, store them, control it with administration techniques, and timely recognize the side effects or complications post-immunization.

They must be able to identify the adverse side effects of drugs that can cause morbidity and mortality and are supposed to report any suspected adverse reactions of such drugs or medications. They must also report any adverse incidents involving any medical devices and equipment.

Standardized conscious sedation must be used for the patient only if it is being continuously assessed and monitored so that it does not cause any immediate harm to the patient or service user. There must be a written policy for the healthcare professionals in relation to continuous sedation and their other responsibilities.

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Medication Protocols 

Medication protocols are the directed written instructions that allow the supply and administration of the medicinal product by nurses or midwives in various clinical situations.

Medication protocols involve the authorization of a nurse or midwife to supply medications to groups of patients. It must be developed based on evidence of the best practices and be supported by a multidisciplinary team.

The development and quality assurance of medication protocol is the responsibility of healthcare professionals. Policies must be devised to support the development and implementation of medication protocols for the patient’s care.

Provisions should be made for the following reasons:-

  • For allowing proper education and training of nurses and midwives.
  • To make the nurses, midwives, and members of the healthcare team devise and implement medication protocols where there is a need for service.
  • It is to establish review, audit, and evaluate the use of the medication protocols as part of quality care provisions and programs of the risk management.
  • To provide information to all the healthcare team members about the organizational policies for using the medication protocols.

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The above-written essay sample is focused on medication management in Ireland.

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