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Essay writing sample on Mental Health Distress and Disorder

Mental health distress is not the result of personal weakness and poor upbringing. But it can affect people of any religion, race, or age. It becomes critical to identify the mental health and well-being ways to promote health and minimize the cause of distress. The students need to prepare an excellent and knowledgeable essay on mental distress.

Essay writing sample on Mental Health Distress and Disorder

Some effective treatments are helpful to prevent mental disorders. The students of Ireland need to research efficient ways that can alleviate the suffering caused by mental disorders. It is a crucial factor to access social services and healthcare supporters who are capable of providing social support. The result of writing an essay on mental health and well-being will encourage students to understand that mental health distress is not a life sentence.

What are the contributing factors to mental disorders?

Mental distress also referred to as emotional distress suffers from an extensive and unnecessary stigma. It is something that one experiences at some critical point in their life. There are various mental disorders characterized by the combination of perceptions, behaviours, abnormal thoughts, and poor relationships with others.

  • Poor nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Exposure to environmental hazards
  • Individual attributes such as the ability to manage thoughts
  • Cultural factors
  • Social factors
  • Perinatal infections

The burden of HND, social and community work courses will grow continuously with significant impacts on educational research. Mental disorders affect not only health but also significant human rights, social, and economic consequences. A mental disorder can cause significant impairment to the personal functioning of a person.

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Common types of mental disorder

Mental distress interferes with how a person feels, thinks, and behaves. It becomes essential for the students of BTECH, and HND in social and community work to understand the mental disorder.

  • Depression: It is a kind of mood disorder that includes a feeling sad, unhappy, or miserable. In depression, the feelings of loss, unhappiness, sadness, or anger interfere with everyday activities for a long time.
  • Bipolar disorder: It is a condition in which individuals start thinking between periods of good mood or irritable mood or even depression. There can be a quick movement between happiness and depression.
  • Panic Disorder: It is a type of anxiety disorder in which individuals can have repeated attacks of fear or something bad. Individuals are not able to have healthy responses in social situations.
  • Schizophrenia: It is a mental health disorder that makes it difficult for individuals to tell the difference between reality and imagination.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: It is an anxiety disorder in which people have some repeated and unnecessary thoughts, ideas, feelings, and sensations that can make them compulsive.
  • Psychotic disorders: Such disorders relate to the sense of distorted thinking or awareness. One of the most common symptoms of psychotic disorder includes a hallucination.

Significant sample on mental health distress and disorder in Ireland

Title: Impact of mental health disorder on family members

Many people affected by mental health disorders can have various effects on the family. Some of the results can include emotional feelings of guilt and financial stress. Mental health disorders can affect any individual at all cultures, educational levels, gender, ages, and income levels. The support that individuals and families get is crucial for treating mental health distress.

Mental disorders are the critical mental conditions that can disrupt the thinking, feeling, and ability of a person to perform daily activities. Mental health nursing care skills mean emotional and cognitive well-being; however, mental health distress can affect relationships and the life of an individual. It becomes essential to treat the mental health issues with standard factors so that it cannot have an impact on family relations.

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