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Methods to deal with maladaptive behaviour Essay Sample 

The following essay sample is written to focus on techniques and methods to deal with maladaptive behaviour, effects and consequences on a person with this behaviour.

Maladaptive behaviour restricts one from adapting to new environment, changes and circumstances. It can be caused due to any disease, trauma or accident. This can affect the social, emotional and psychological behaviour and health of a person.

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Such a troubled behaviour can be under our own control but if the behaviour gets beyond control then such person requires medical attention and care. It makes a person non functioning, less flexible and non adaptive to new challenges.

Such people have high social anxiety and fear of public speaking so they avoid any social interaction and create safety behaviour to avoid any public humiliation.

Techniques to restrict the maladaptive behaviour 

There are methods which can be executed at the individual level and few professional methods to deal with maladaptive behaviour of a person. These methods include :-

(1) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

This is a psychological social interaction of a medical practioner or a therapist with the patient. This therapy targets the mental health of a maladaptive person.It helps in improving the cognitive disorder, behaviour and emotional balance by helping him cope up with emotional trauma and issues.

(2) Exposure Therapy for anxiety disorder 

This therapy exposes a patient to the source of anxiety or disorder that might help him to overcome his fear or depression related to it. It helps in easing any anxiety disorder in a person with maladaptive behaviour.

(3) Talking Therapy by therapist for patient

Here the therapist or the counselor talks and tries to understand the situation of a person and his life events. Counseling is considered to be the best talking therapy for any mental illness patient as it has several sessions to understand your problem.

The other forms of talking therapy are family counseling, group counseling, interpersonal therapy, behaviour activation, mindfulness based therapy, CBT, dialectical behaviour therapy.

(4) Cognitive Restructuring of mind

This is a basic individual or self help therapy to do self talk while there is any negetive thought in mind. It helps in minimising the stress related event and handling of situation consciously so that any similar situation in future can be handled easily.

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(5) Distraction of mind 

It is an effective method of coping up with situations of stress and anxiety. When there is a sudden urge of taking up harmful and risky behaviour for health then patient can be encouraged to shift their mind to some positive practice for health.

(6) Practicing mindfulness meditation 

It is a hollistic approach of mind, body and soul of a person. It helps in contemplation of mood and self reflection of thoughts related to events in life. It helps in balancing emotions, mood, focus and enhancing creativity in life by focusing on breathing, posture and mind.

(7) Taking help from an addiction counselor

Such addiction counselor helps such person with maladaptive behaviour and misuse of substance to restrict the usage of any such dangerous addiction for health. They help in coping up with the addiction of alcohol, drug and non prescribed medicines abuse.

(8) Taking anger management classes or session 

Such patients can also take anger management classes to manage their aggressive behaviour and anger as if not controlled they tend to become violent in future. This helps in controlling behaviour and insecurities issues.

(9) Restricting of negative thoughts in mind

When there is an uncontrolled flow of negative feeling, emotions or thoughts in mind. Such thoughts can be restricted through a responsive behaviour and action. This will make the patient more productive in reaction and thoughts.

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Consequences of maladaptive behaviour of a person 

  • Brain becomes really fearful to face situations that may impose threat or danger at a superficial level. It creates a phobia in the attitude of a person from almost everything.
  • Maladaptive behaviour causes a lack of social interaction, social ethics and behaviour. It creates problem in communication with family and friends.
  • They may even avoid any job offer, promotion or growth in work and career as it may cause fear of much higher level of social interaction and involvement.
  • Such persons may even avoid any non favourable and difficult conversations with people as they can’t resist rejection and have complete intolerance for personal opinion of other people.
  • They have a tendency to an abuse of substances like alcohol and drugs that may cause higher level of anxiety. This may also lead to a nervous breakdown in such people.

Examples of Maladaptive Behaviour

Some of the main maladaptive behaviour that can be commonly seen in a person are following :-

Anger and aggression issues of behaviour  

This is a common maladaptive behaviour in any person. Anger and aggressive behaviour collectively is a result of rejection or feelings that are not being acknowledged. They have a loud reaction to any situation and has a constant habit of blaming others for any situation.

Withdrawal symptoms of a person 

Such persons avoid any social interaction or joining of any social group or meeting up new people. When one starts isolating themselves from social gathering and events they might get lonely and depressed as a result of it. Such social withdrawal can be considered as a serious maladaptive behaviour of person.

Causing self harm or self injury by the person 

When someone starts physically harming or injuring themselves it can be a sign of maladaptive behaviour. It includes behaviour like cutting, scratching, making suicide attempts, pulling of hair, refusal to take medication etc.

Maladaptive daydreaming by a person 

Daydreaming is considered to be a normal human brain interaction with an imaginary world. But extensive daydreaming is considered to be an illness. It is an extensive fantasy and imaginary human interaction that starts interupting with the normal functioning of life.

After sometime one cannot differentiate between the practical and fantasy life. They involve and create plots and characters in their minds and does storytelling. It hampers the daily life activities of such a person and can be considered as a maladaptive behaviour.

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Sample essay written above mentions the techniques to help with maladaptive behaviour of a person, it’s consequences and types of behaviour.

Students of QQI Level 5 and 6, Disability, Childcare, Healthcare,  Psychology, Careskills and Behaviour Management could refer to this essay sample to write assignments based on similar topics.

Assignments based on care skills, behaviour psychology, cognitive behaviour therapies and development, maladaptive behaviour, methods to control behaviour and stress reducing techniques etc can be written by referring to the above sample.

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