Migration and Mobilities Essay Sample

The current scenario in Europe Had raised the issue of Migration because of the mass immigration of people in Europe. It is the legislative, political and social issue now. Due to its criticality and the changing contemporary scene, the students who are writing an essay on it will face a lot of problems to write an elaborative essay.

Migration raises a lot of questions towards the European society that how it welcomed immigration. Students may get confused about the stands of the different countries of Europe regarding migration and mobilities. So if you need help here our experts are here. Ireland Assignment had a team of people who have expertise in Politics, law and many other subjects.

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Immigration and Mobilities

In 2015 the immigration has emerged the biggest challenge for Europe when a lot of immigrants entered Europe for asylum. It became one of the biggest challenges for the European community. It requires a lot of research and scientific analysis. There are streams like human and social sciences which initiate the research on this.

For migration the questions like transnationalism and how this migration will affect the existing society of Europe. The question of inclusion, innovation, and reflection in society after immigration is the most prominent.

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Another challenge is for the society of Europe to accept the pluralism. The acceptance of another ethnic group especially in the countries of Europe was already some ethic conflict is going on was the major concern after the immigration. The huge number of immigrants will also pose a threat to the limited resources so before the acceptance the assessment of the resources must be done.

Some of the countries of Europe are depicting the tolerance for decades but religious coexistence in some is still the utmost issue. This is the challenge of the respective countries to create the place with inclusion and safety to the people who are immigrating. The civil societies shall come forward to ease the tension and the work of volunteers can make the situation easier for European society.

There is also a concern for the social welfare for the democratic society too. The immigrants who also will require the place to stay, food, employment will pose a threat to the resources of the people of Europe. There is another concern for the security in the labor market the wages and the social payments which will be difficult for the government to provide all with equitable distribution.

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The paperwork of the immigrants also seems a giant task for the government. In immigrants, young ones can easily get to the informal labor market but the old ones will be dependent on the economy of Europe. European language is also a matter of concern and the immigrants will be required to be fluent but it was not the case. For immigrants language played the barrier especially in non-English speaking countries

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