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Mindfulness and its Benefits Essay Sample Ireland

In the present era, the mind has turned into a wanderer. We often look for therapies to calm our minds, but, the fact is the ability to conquer our minds resides in our bodies. In fact, this ability is called “Mindfulness”. Thus, in this handout, we are going to discuss Mindfulness and Its Benefits. In the heath care courses, this topic is very important. Also, after reading this article, students can write the benefits of mindfulness essays easily and effectively.

Mindfulness and its Benefits Essay Sample Ireland

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as the ability of the human mind to be fully involved in a single ongoing situation. That is to say, the mind should focus on the present condition. Whether one is doing a task like exercising, daily chores, etc.  But the irony is that the mind does not solely concentrate on one thing. Soon, it begins thinking something irrelevant, that breaks the thought process. As a result, we have altogether pulled away from the present and were taken aback.

Importance of Mindfulness:

Mindfulness plays a very important role in controlling our thoughts. Also, just like meditation, it provides peace of mind. The lives of people today are hectic and stressful. Thus, they should practice mindfulness.

  • Firstly, It helps in improving concentration.
  • Secondly,  a person can do his/her work with much more efficacy.
  • Thirdly, the coordination of mind and body improves. A person can feel the change himself.
  • Fourth is,  a regime is set up and one starts looking much happier and relaxed.
  • Lastly, this process is a cleansing activity for the mind. All the muck in the brain is swept.

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How to Practice Mindfulness?

To practice mindfulness, one has to sit in a quiet and serene place. The lesser the noise in the surroundings, the more beneficial it will be. Practice breathing slowly. Let the thoughts come into your mind. Focus on a single thing.  Do not let the other thoughts that start building up, drive you away. Continue the same for 10 minutes and go on increasing it slowly and stealthily.

Benefits of Mindfulness:

There are countless benefits of Mindfulness. It is a complete game-changer so far as lifestyle is concerned. Hence, we are enlisting some of the important benefits of mindfulness:

  1. It helps to improve the mental health of a person
  2. Reduces stress and anxiety levels.
  3. A person can overcome problems like high blood pressure, and cardiac issues.
  4. Allows the person to establish better coordination between mind and body.
  5. No more sleeplessness or insomnia. As it helps to capture a sound sleep.
  6. One is more likely able to do his tasks efficiently.
  7. Helps in developing a regularity, a schedule.
  8. A person starts living life, he is more happy and joyous.
  9. For the students, it helps in improving their thinking abilities, as the mind works in a better way.
  10. Also, in the workplace, where a lot of stress is involved, mindfulness helps to cope up with restlessness.

Hence, the benefits of Mindfulness are never-ending. It can be considered a stress management technique. In some courses, related to healthcare in Ireland, Cognitive Therapy of Mindfulness is studied.

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