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Developing the National Dementia Strategy for Ireland Essay Sample 

This essay sample will focus on the National Dementia Strategy for Ireland and the cognitive issue of Dementia.

Dementia is not a single disease rather it is a wide range of clinical or medical conditions that also include Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive related issues. It damages the brain cells and affects the normal functioning of it leading to a severe situation of memory loss, delayed actions, and language disorder.

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The memory loss, thinking and problem-solving abilities majorly affect the daily life activities of a person.

Such people lose track of their house and forget address easily so they prefer staying back at their homes. They have problems in identifying even their close people and have a constant numb look on their face.

Their behavior also changes drastically as a result of memory loss, the problem in communication with family and others. It is most common in old age adults.

In Ireland, there are almost around 55,000 people who are living with the condition of dementia which accounts for 11 people per day who are getting diagnosed with dementia in Ireland.

The general public can get information about the symptoms of dementia from a geriatrician (doctor for old people), neurologist, general physician, and health care nurse who can guide the people about this condition.

The National Dementia Strategy for Ireland 

Due to a rise in the number of dementia cases in Ireland. The Irish government has taken up many programs to deal with such healthcare issues of people by creating an effective healthcare system and policy.

Irish National Dementia Strategy Programme was established in the year 2014. Its main focus is to facilitate the living and health condition of the patient while living in their homes and in social communities.

The National Dementia Strategy Implementation Programme is an agreement between the Health Service Executive and Atlantic Philanthropies through the Social Care Division. The purpose of the National Dementia Strategy Ireland Programme is to improve the well-being, welfare, and care of people with dementia by supporting this program.

It includes support and services that help in providing a standard of living and good quality of life for dementia patients (especially old adults). It includes an effective integrated support system of services that is a combination of formal and informal supports. These services are cost-efficient and are centered on targeting the individual needs of the patients.

This investment program will support a planned improved system of services with a more supportive policy environment.

The National Dementia Strategy Ireland Programme has the aim of promoting a timely diagnosis of dementia, a healthy public space or environment, providing integrated support and services, early intervention, and promotion of research and innovation for dementia patients.

The timely diagnosis of dementia includes educating the healthcare service providers about the disease and its symptoms. It also includes focusing on all the aspects of dementia and timely management of it through proper medication.

The second aspect of this program includes integrative service and support which helps the people to remain in their homes as long as possible.

Proper training and education of health care professionals are very important for working with patients with dementia.

The next criteria of this program are to enhance the Research and Innovation system which is used for gathering vital material information about dementia in Ireland. Such information can be clinical or even nonclinical in form. It includes a single assessment tool and hospital inpatient data to develop a policy on dementia.

Effective good leadership is required to seek the responsibility for dementia within the Department of Health. Every care worker working in the primary healthcare unit must be aware of effective coordination for the care of dementia patients.

Such an awareness program will make the people much aware and informative about the diseases and also help in understanding the needs and contribution of people with dementia.

This program will also focus on the intensive care delivery of the home packages for dementia patients.

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The above sample is based on the National Dementia Strategy for Ireland.

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