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National Standards for the Infection Prevention and Control in the Community Services Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample work has been written on the National approach to infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship, HIQA launching new standards for infection prevention and control in the community services, and Covid 19 framework to support social care services for improving infection prevention and control.

HIQA has developed national standards specifically to address the health and community service in Ireland which covers the areas of infection prevention and control in the community services.

National Standards Infection Prevention Community Services Essay Sample

National Standards for Infection Prevention and Control have set twenty standard statements that cover the important areas where people can communicate the social care and community health services.

It provides people with a safe and clean environment along with effective care which allows them to make effective decisions by prescribing antimicrobial medication in a safe and secured environment.

An online learning module has been designed and developed for teaching to help the front-line health care workers or staff so that they can easily implement the national standards. This module is called “National Standards for Infection Prevention and Control in the Community Services”.

National Approach to the Infection Prevention and Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship 

These national standards have a national approach while they are addressing infection prevention and control risks across the health and social care system. An effective system of care delivery service is required at the national, regional, and local levels to support infection prevention and control practices in every setting.

In this approach, there is national coordination which allows for better planning to address any future infection prevention and control risks. There must be a clear system of governance and arrangements of communication in community healthcare organizations so that they can deliver safe and effective care services across all the community services.

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New development of service and investment in infrastructure needs to be prioritized. Regional healthcare-associated committees should be placed in a community healthcare organization.

Effective workforce planning is required for the utilization of staff at the right time with skills and expertise to meet the infection prevention and control needs. It requires an effective supportive collaboration of work between all the healthcare services.

HIQA New Standards for the Infection Prevention and Control in Community Services

Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has developed specific national standards for infection prevention and control in community health and social care services. Standards that cover important areas of infection prevention and control are approved by the Minister for Health.

It can be applied in all community health and social services outside an acute hospital setting in Ireland. It includes dental practices, home care delivery, ambulance services, daycare services, etc.

Some of the important aspects that are covered under these new standards are:-

  • Providing an appropriate, safe, and clean environment while giving care services.
  • Prescribing an antimicrobial medication in a safe manner.
  • Communicating with the people who are social care and services users in the healthcare setting.
  • Educating and making people aware of the preventive measures that they can take against any infections. Teach them the importance of hand hygiene and other related hygiene practices and vaccination.
  • Involvement of people to make their own decisions about care.
  • Healthcare-associated infections can be avoided if proper measures are taken to identify and address the equipment, work practices, and risk-causing infection.

Infection spread can be stopped by working within a service trying to understand the responsibilities and engaging in ways to reduce the risk of infection. All social care and community health services may continue to meet the national standards along with relevant legislation reducing the risk of spread of infection.

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Covid 19 Framework Supporting the Social Care Services Improving  Infection Prevention and Control

Healthcare Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) have published a framework in support of social care services ensuring effective infection prevention and control practices.

This framework was developed on the foundation of the National Standards for Infection Prevention and Control in Community Services.

The focus of this framework is on the key aspects like-

  • Preparedness in case of emergency situations and with contingency plans.
  • Staff arrangements.
  • Prevention of spread of infection and control with the help of the proper governance and management arrangements.
  • Audit and review arrangements.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the staff in care services in the implementation of prevention and control measures.
  • Development of a self-assessment tool to assess the quality and use in conjunction with the framework. It helps in identifying the areas that require improvement for providing practices promoting control measures of infection prevention.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the National Standards for Infection Prevention and Control in Community Services.

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