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Future of Nuclear Energy Essay Sample 

In this essay sample solution, we shall broadly discuss nuclear energy, its future, the use of such energy, its sustainability as a resource, and its various advantages and disadvantages.

Nuclear energy is also known as atomic energy which resides inside the core of an atom and needs to be spilled to generate high amounts of electricity. Nuclear power plants or reactors control nuclear fission to produce electricity by using fuel for such nuclear fission.

Nuclear Energy Future

Uranium is the fuel used for this purpose which can generate heat and this warms the colling agent of the reactors which produces steam.

The steam turns wheels and turbines with the help of a flowing current. These wheels turbines generators or engines create electricity. In the year 2011, almost 15% of the world’s electricity was generated by nuclear power plants.

Nuclear Energy As a Clean And Sustainable Resource

Nuclear energy is considered to be the second-largest source of clean energy after hydropower. The buildings of the nuclear plants use metals that are made up of fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide emissions but uranium which is used as a fuel in these reactors needs to be refined and mined.

The nuclear power plants as such do not release any air pollutants while operating. The carbon footprints of nuclear energy are very low in comparison to other renewable resources.

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Nuclear power plants produce green, clean, sustainable, and renewable energy which does not pollute the air with greenhouse gas emissions. It is a zero-emission clean energy source that does not leave any harmful by-products from fossil fuels.

This energy removes harmful air pollutants and reduces the risk of forming acid rain and smog that can cause very dreadful diseases of the lungs and heart. It is also a very dense resource and about a million times denser than the other form of traditional energy sources.

It also releases a minimal amount of waste that can either be recycled or processed and nuclear energy clean advanced systems can be created in the future.

Future of Nuclear Energy 

In the future, we shall grow much more technologically advanced which can make the society reach a clean energy future as nuclear power energy with zero carbon gas emissions.

The electricity demand has been increasing rapidly day by day and it is considered that more than half of the people around the globe shall demand electricity by the year 2040. Such demands can be met with the installation of more nuclear power plants to produce electricity.

People shall need a significantly greater amount of energy supply (cleanly generated electricity) in the future on a global scale. The majority of the organizations have reported on the future energy supply to be increased to generate reliable electricity.

At present, the world’s electricity 10% is contributed by nuclear energy, and 18% of electricity is in the OECD countries which have the highest probability of increasing in the future.

Around 2/3rd of the population of the world will start living in urban areas by 2050 and their growing needs for electricity need to be met. But in the year 2020 due to an outbreak of a global pandemic, the energy demand dropped to 4% while the emission of gas and pollutants reduced to a greater level.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that around seven million people in the future shall die at the premature stage as a result of air pollution. To achieve the sustainability level, the growth in other forms of clean energy sources shall also need to grow simultaneously.

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Advantages of Nuclear Energy 

Just like any other renewable or clean energy source or even non-renewable nuclear energy to has several advantages which shall be discussed further. These are the following few advantages of nuclear energy:-


Nuclear energy is a very reliable source of energy as it can be produced very easily and in huge indiscriminate amounts. This can be produced at any given time of the day or night, unlike solar or wind energy. Solar or wind energy requires sunlight, solar panels, and windmills with the power of wind flow to generate energy while nuclear energy is not dependent on any such factors. So there is no delay in the generation of such energy.

Low-Cost Energy

The prices of such energy remain very low as it is not affected by any price fluctuations like other resources. Nuclear energy has very low operating costs and the price lowers with advancements in technology.

High Density of Energy

The amount of energy released due to nuclear fission is almost more than ten million times more than the amount of energy released from the burning of fossil fuels. A very low amount of nuclear fuel is required in comparison to other forms of energy.

Zero Carbon Emissions 

Nuclear energy does not release any carbon dioxide emissions or greenhouse gas emissions and it has an added advantage over the other forms of energy such as fossil fuels.

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Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy 

There are many disadvantages or negative effects of nuclear energy which also makes it a less preferred energy source. These are the following most important disadvantages of nuclear energy:-

Adverse Effects on the Environment 

Nuclear power plants require fuel to operate their business of generating nuclear energy and such fuel (uranium) requires extensive mining work and refining which discharges waste and water.

These nuclear plants are supposed to cause thermal pollution as it is located on large water bodies such as lakes and oceans. A large amount of heated water is being released into the ocean making the aquatic life inhabitable and water unsustainable.

Risk of Nuclear Accidents

Any accidental meltdown which is rare though can hurt the areas surrounding such plants. It releases harmful radiations that cause harm to the environment and even human life causing lifetime deformities and deaths. In the Chornobyl case, there were almost thousands of deaths that were caused due to such a nuclear accident.

Scarcity of Water

Nuclear power plants require gallons of water for producing energy which causes a scarcity of water. The large scale of heated water that is being dumped into oceans and lakes makes it very unfit for consumption and unsustainable.

Radioactive Waste

The hazardous radioactive wastes are generated the nuclear power plants which remain on the surface of the earth for thousands of years. There is also no proper disposal facility for the radioactive wastes so it gets accumulated causing serious harm to the living beings and mankind.

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