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Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Essay Sample

Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall discuss the fundamentals or basics of nursing practice and the role played by nurses in the nursing practice.

The fundamentals of nursing practice include interpersonal relationships between the patient and nurse, assessment of the patient, diagnosis, health patterns, differences in cultural practice, and process of nursing.

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The practise of nursing includes mental stress, promotion of health, and illness. Nurses work on the instructions of the medical staff, seniors, doctors, physicians, or surgeons in the health care unit.

Nurses have the responsibility of nurturing and taking care of the patient that are injured, have chronic diseases and old age people who need nursing care.

Apart from this they also provide palliative healthcare to the people who are dying or have any life-threatening disease. Such nurses are given special education training in training programs.

They also provide emergency care, restorative care, and also takes care of the medical administration. Their overall aim is to promote good physical and mental health to the patients.

Basic fundamentals of nursing practice 

  • Nursing practice teaches the students basics of nursing. Students attend classes to learn how to treat patients and care skills.
  • It includes extensive care provided to humans for meeting their needs and teaches basic nursing subjects. It also teaches various methods, techniques, and medical procedures.
  • Nursing practice is based on theories that are fundamental to it. It gives structuring to nursing professional practice, research, and advancement.
  • To learn the basic fundamentals of nursing practice in the health care setting one needs to devise a proper treatment method that is effective.
  • Learn the nursing science and nursing practices along with research. Workshops, lectures, tutorials must be attended by the students to improve knowledge and nursing skills.
  • To master any expert skills or knowledge in the nursing field one must learn the basics and have critical thinking abilities.
  • Training and education are a must for becoming a health professional with certain specifications to become a nurse.
  • Without these specifications, it is impossible to become a nurse in a hospital, health institution, and care unit.
  • To become a practicing nurse one must have a school certificate, take coaching from training institutions, degrees in advanced nursing courses, and must-have nursing skills and abilities.
  • Such desirable nurses must have knowledge of health sciences, healthcare, biology, chemistry, psychology, anatomy, and other nursing subjects.

Role of nurses in the nursing practice 

Nurses in the healthcare center and hospitals play varied and different roles. Its major role is to provide healthcare, care skills, and nursing services to the patients.

They can act as a medical assistant, health carer, medical supervisor, and member of the medical team to offer their services. Specialized training is being provided to them to provide special assistance and services.

Some of the main roles played by nurses when a patient comes into the health care system or unit are:-

Assessment of patient by a nurse

When a patient is admitted under the care of health care providers or professionals they get initially addressed by the nurse.

Her approach should be friendly and positive and must ensure a suitable environment for the patient. This helps in gaining the confidence and trust of the patient and creating a strong relationship between them.

The nurse has the responsibility of proper assessment of the patient to be able to understand her issues and concerns. It helps in treating the patient for a diagnose and treatment of disease.

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Diagnosis of the patient 

Issues and concerns are properly diagnosed right after the assessment of the patient. The patient can be interviewed, given a questionnaire or asked directly by the nurse about his issues.

This process of diagnosis done by the nurse helps in understanding the nature of the disease and the treatment required for it. It could be any physical or mental health ailments.

Nursing Care

A proper plan must be devised by the nurse to take care of the patient. Suitable medical methods and techniques are being used for the treatment of diseases.

Care is provided by the nurse to the patient according to his personal and medical needs. Medical attention and care are provided after the assessment and diagnosis of the patient.

Medical intervention by the nurse

If it is felt that a patient requires further advanced medical services, attention, or treatment. In that case, a nurse can play the role of a doctor and provide expert medical guidance, treatment, and services to the patient as they too have good knowledge in the medical field.

Final evaluation by the nurse

After all the required assessment, diagnosis, and services being provided to the patient. Evaluation of medical reports of the patient to be done by the nurse.

It is decided whether the patient requires any further medical treatment and needs to remain admitted or be released.

These are all basic duties or fundamentals that a nurse needs to do while on duty and providing health services to the patients.

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The above sample is based on the fundamentals of nursing practice and nursing services.

Nursing, Careskills, Healthcare, Wellbeing, Palliative Care, QQI students must read this sample to get a brief idea of nursing practice fundamentals.

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