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Importance of Code of Ethics in the Nursing Profession Essay Sample 

Importance of Code of Ethics in the Nursing Profession Essay Sample 

The following essay sample is a work based on the importance of code of ethics of the nursing profession, code of ethics in respecting the dignity of the patient, code of ethics in professional accountability for nurses, standards of conduct related to the quality of practice, code of conduct for collaboration with other team members.

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The World Health Organization along with the International Council of Nurses defines nursing as a profession that can be practiced independently or as a collaborative care-based profession where people belonging from different communities are provided care and treatment.

It is an art that requires high competence and commitment while delivering care services to the patients in a safe and secured environment. It promotes health and wellness for terminally ill patients.

Nurses and midwives follow a professional code of ethics or conduct just like the other health care professionals. They have to follow these codes of ethics very religiously to be able to make better clinical decisions while discharging their responsibilities.

Code of ethics or conduct may include professional behavior and mandatory duties of nurses towards the patients. It includes legal requirements, professional conduct guidelines, professional behavior, and obligations of the nurses under such ethics.

Such code is made in compliance with the laws of the country. It is a constant reminder for the nurses who are providing primary care to the patients according to professional ethics. It also helps in dealing with the issues at the clinical, societal, and administrative levels.

Patients have the right to make decisions in relation to health and treatment that can be refused or accepted by them. Nurses must follow ethical beliefs and values while handling such patients.

Such patients have the right to be treated fairly and equally by healthcare professionals and nurses while promoting their health by minimizing health risks and maltreatment.

If principles of code of ethics by nurses can result in suspension from work, lawsuits, dismissal which is suppose to be the guide of action based on social needs and values.

Code of Ethics for Nursing Profession in Respecting the Dignity of the Patient 

  • Nurses or midwives must respect the dignity of every individual life at every vital stage of their lives.
  • The life of pregnant women and their newborn babies’ health and wellbeing must be promoted by taking reasonable care of such new mothers and babies.
  • Patients require communication about their health information and care services which must be also communicated to the healthcare for making better clinical decisions.
  • All patients irrespective of their caste, race, sex, religion, status, sexual orientation, etc must be treated equally and no one must be discriminated against on any such grounds. Respecting diversity is an important aspect of any professional practice.
  • Patients need to give consent to the nursing and other midwifery treatment for care. Consent needs to be first validated before giving any treatment to the patient.

The information provided to them must be clear and well defined which focuses on nature, risks of treatment, purpose, and benefits of care. Such agreement must be made with free consent and will.

  • There are directives regarding healthcare that are recognized by the Irish courts. Such courts were established in Ireland so that the patients can even refuse any such treatment.

Code of Ethics for Nurses for their Professional Accountability 

  • Nurses must act within the scope and ambit of laws, legal rules, and regulations of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.
  • Nurses must keep professional boundaries with the patients by setting the limit of the therapeutic relationship that includes an acceptable behavior between the nurses and patients.
  • If there is a promotion or an advertisement of a product or service then in such cases nurses or midwives must be aware of ethical, legal, and professional obligations to provide accurate information.
  • Any of the healthcare workers or nursing staff must not accept any gifts, favors from the patients as it will influence the professional dignity and integrity of such a person and might also cause a conflict of interests.
  • Nurses must ensure professional indemnity insurance in case of any claim against them for any professional negligence.
  • Patients need to be prioritized and their needs are catered to at the very first instance in case of any emergency care that must be provided to them for saving their life.

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Ethics Code for Nurses in relation to their Quality of Nursing Practice

  • Nurses or midwives must report any issues or concerns on an immediate basis if it is related to the safety of the patient and their healthcare environment to an authorized person and to find an appropriate solution to it.
  • There must be participation of nurses in ensuring safe, quality care with good clinical governance following the best practice standards.
  • Nurses must be involved in the research work where they must refer to the guidance of the Board on the ethical conduct of nursing and midwifery research. They must follow policies and procedures on ethical grounds and the rights of the patients must be protected during research.
  • The provision of safe practice must be devised by the nurses for addressing any health issues and concerns of the patients.
  • Nurses must be part of continuing professional development by upgrading their skills and knowledge at work.

Ethical Code for Nurses while Collaborating with the Team Members 

  • One must communicate and work in a safe environment with colleagues and co-workers while providing quality care to patients. With effective teamwork and collaboration, a need for further treatment can be determined.
  • Senior nurses must support their junior midwives or nurses while they are developing their professional skills, conduct, and values.
  • Nurses must take up the responsibility for teaching, learning, supervising, and addressing the concerns of junior nurses or midwives.
  • Any decision will be accountable by the nurses especially when there is a share of responsibility and delegation of work.
  • If the wellbeing and safety of any patient care at risk then appropriate action must be taken to protect them. Any such immediate risk must be reported to the manager or relevant authority.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the importance of the code of ethics in the nursing profession.

Healthcare QQI Level 5, Nursing QQI and FETAC Level 5, Nursing and Midwifery QQI Level 5, Social Care QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain knowledge on writing health care and nursing essays.

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