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Nurse educators focus on efficient nursing theories to create supportive frameworks while providing patient care. Nursing theory and practice book 5N1279 offer critical strategies that play a significant role in educating healthcare providers. Nursing degree programs help the students to integrate valuable insights and confirm nursing practice with theoretical models. The students of Ireland pursuing FETAC Level 5 healthcare courses develop the proficient skills necessary to provide care. The students can provide a meaningful standard of care to patients by acknowledging nursing theories and practice. Moreover, by taking help from essay writers, the students can finish the dissertation paper on time.

Nursing represents an excellent opportunity to apply their knowledge and experience for patient care. Nurses need to navigate the circumstances and scenarios while providing healthcare to patients. Advanced practice nursing theory is a set of developed models that tell how to treat patients and a combination of scientific testing and observation skills. The nursing students come across the theoretical framework that helps them to provide care in various settings. The students can submit a professionally written essay paper by taking help from Irish writers.

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What do college students mean by Nursing Practice?

Nursing Practice is the study of how nursing professionals operate within a dynamic field of medicine. The practice helps the students to examine the theoretical foundations of nursing as well as critical challenges in clinical settings. The importance of nursing theory tells the code of ethics when the nurse provides treatment in a challenging clinical environment. Some of the nursing professionals often experience that presented treatment options in the theoretical framework makes it difficult to handle real-life situations.

Sometimes, the nurses are pressurized to focus on theoretical models out of respect to prevail in the clinical policy. One of the most significant challenges faced by nursing professionals in the Irish Ambulance Training Institute is to find a way to bridge the theory-practice gap. The main objective of the nurses is to provide quality care to patients.

Fundamental Nursing Theory

  • Self-Care Nursing Theory

Self-Care Nursing Theory also refers to the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory which focuses on the role of nurses in supporting the patient to become responsible for their care. The theory and nursing practice introduced by Dorothea Orem shows that people must be aware of their health issues to offer proper self-care.

  • Cultural Care Theory

In nursing or patient care, knowledge of social care generally lacks. Nurses need to focus on cultural care diversity and social structure dimensions for providing excellent care. By studying the six stages of nursing theory development, nurses can maintain critical caring activities while providing healthcare.

  • Humanistic Nursing Theory

The nursing professionals need to relate the mental and emotional health of the patient with physical health. The list of situation-specific nursing theories generally focuses on the idea that patients grow healthily and creatively. To accompany the Humanistic Nursing Theory, Paterson and Zderad developed five critical phases of nursing.

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Sample on Nursing Theory and Practice dissertation paper

Title: What is the theory of interpersonal relations discussed as a nursing theory?

The theory of interpersonal relations focuses on the importance of maintaining a nurse-patient relationship. The nurse helps the patient with the treatment process and provides care according to the patient’s needs. With the development of the advanced practice nursing theory, the patient can concentrate on expressing reactions to the illness. The patient can become an active participant in care, and the nurse helps the patient in returning to a healthy, productive life. The nurses can play a different role like resource person, surrogate, teacher, and counselor while providing patient care.

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