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Essay Sample on Outdoor play Activities idea for children

Children of this generation spend most of their time on the internet, watching videos, or playing games on smartphones. Spending time on smartphones or sitting at home does not offer any benefit to physical or mental health. Instead, it increases the risk of health-related diseases. Thus, it becomes essential to encourage children to take participate in outdoor playing activities. Getting regular playing activities helps in building stronger bones, decreasing stress levels, and boosting energy as well.

Essay Sample on Outdoor play Activities idea for children

Early childhood care and educational services should include outdoor playing activities as a crucial component of children’s development. Schools and early childhood care providers must offer play-based activities that combine physical activity with children’s abilities and interests. A lack of physical exercise can lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, weight gain, bone health issues, and many more. On the contrary, outdoor play activities help in reducing chronic health issues and the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, depression, and many more.

Physical activities for children

Indoor activities

  • Musical chairs: It is one of the exciting games and surely all children would love it. Parents can encourage their kids by setting up a bunch of chairs and asking children to run around them. While the music is being played, children have to run and when it stops, they have to sit down on the chair near to them. Any child who is left without a chair will get out of the game.
  • Build a tower: For this indoor activity, children require blocks, containers, or another stackable object. Parents can ask their children to build a tower by using the item of their choice. They can count the number of blocks stacked and when the tower gets complete, children can knock it down.

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Outdoor activities

  • Playing with a ball: Parents should take their children out to the park for a ball game. it helps children to make new friends and get socialize. Even parents can also play with their children, which helps in building a strong bond between child and parents. It can be a basketball, football, or any other ball game that encourages children to go outside and enhance their learning skills. However, it is essential to avoid the use of any hardball while playing with small children.
  • Swimming: For 5-8 years of children, swimming has been one of the best outdoor activities that help them to manage well with stress on their muscles. The activity offers fun in the center of the incredible workout as the water helps in relaxing the muscles.
  • Badminton: When parents are working, playing with their children is probably not the primary activity that comes to mind. However, it’s necessary for the overall development of the child that they get involved with outdoor playing activities. Parents can play badminton with their children. It helps in enhancing coordination skills among children, and also promotes a good relationship between the child and their parents.
  • Backyard game: From hide and seek to Red Rover, there are several backyard games that parents probably remember since their childhood. They can teach children how to play such activities and see if they can discover their own adaptations or not.

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Sample Outdoor play activities ideas for children

Title: Why outdoor play activities important for child development?

Physical activities help in reducing the chances of children becoming overweight or developing health-related issues. Outdoor play activities help in enhancing the overall growth and development of children by keeping them physically and mentally active. It helps children to build confidence, improve social skills, developing gross and fine motor skills, improving concentration, decreasing stress levels, maintaining a healthy body weight, promoting balance and concentration, and many more.

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