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Personal hygiene and care routines by health care workers Essay Sample 

Maintaining a personal hygiene and care routine is mandatory for the patients and health care staff in the healthcare industry. This essay sample will deal with the care routine and personal hygiene in the healthcare sector.

Managers and health care staff must ensure health hygiene and safety in the healthcare institutions. They need to follow a very strict health policy regime and regulations to avoid any spread of disease in the health unit. Proper training and guidance must be provided to healthcare staff to maintain their personal hygiene and safety.

Personal hygiene is to be maintained by the healthcare providers and also by the patients to avoid any community spread of diseases. Care routine tips for health workers is also important to maintain health and quality of life in patients.

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Methods of maintaining  personal hygiene by the health care employees in healthcare sector

Good personal hygiene must be maintained by the healthcare providers so that there is no spread of contagious disease from one patient to the other.

Patients must maintain hygiene so that the other patients, visitors and children remain protected from exposure.

Some of the methods of personal hygiene maintained by the healthcare providers and patients in a healthcare unit are :-

A safe disposal of waste products by health carers of patients 

To maintain a proper hygiene a safe disposal of waste by health carers must be done to avoid spread of diseases. Safe disposal of waste reduces the risk of infection or bacteria. Disposal or throwing away of used clothes and gloves are part of personal hygiene routine.

Use of gloves and masks for protection from contagious spread

Gloves and masks needs to be used by the healthcare workers in order to prevent spread of any disease. Gloves and masks protects the caregivers and prevents contamination of clothing, hands and other parts of the body. It avoids spread of disease from one person to another.

Hands must be disinfected after conpletion of any medical duty or task. Beds, pillows, matresses must be covered properly to avoid spread of germs which is a part of care task.

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Maintaining a good hand hygiene is must in medical care

A good personal hand hygiene must be maintained by the healthcare providers. If any health care staff encounters any flu, cough or cold or any other communicable disease in his surroundings he must be extra careful with hand hygiene.

Sometimes apart from providing health services, carers also feed the patients with their hand. Food hygiene and safety must be maintained along with hands being disinfected and washed properly.

Maintaining good nails and skin hygiene is must in health care system 

Good nails and skin hygiene must be maintained by the healthcare providers and by patients. Nails must be kept short and clean to avoid any bacterial growth or transmission in patients.

Special care of skin must be taken to avoid cases of eczema and skin ulcers. Such diseases are caused due to dry and chopped skin, therfore skin health and hygiene should be maintained.

Personal intimate hygiene must be taken care of by heath carers and patients 

Intimate areas hygiene must be maintained by everyone irrespective of the fact whether they are man or woman. Keeping private areas clean with mild soap and water is must to maintain health and safety. Washrooms or restrooms must be disinfected and washed properly so that there is no spread of any disease from the toilet seats.

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Care cleaning routine tips followed by health care workers 

Care routine is given to the patients or their environment is made suitable for them to live on a daily basis. It is a routine of cleanliness and hygiene that is maintained by the health care staff.

Some of the care routine followed by health carers in health care industry are :-

Routine disinfection of floors and surfaces of the Healthcare unit or hospital 

Most of the virus and bacteria gets transferred through the surfaces of slabs or objects by physical touch. Special care and safety precautions must be taken care of when there is a peak of visitors, staffs or patients.

Washroom floors and toilet seats must be mopped and swept properly to maintain hygiene. Regular check of hygiene and safety must be ensured. Routine disinfection of human contact points like door knobs, handles, stairs railings and surfaces etc must be done. Deep cleaning of furniture and chairs must be done once in every year for complete disinfection.

Training and development of health care facilitators to maintain hygiene 

Proper training and development must be given to the care staff to monitor their performance and hygiene standards. It helps in reduction of risk of infection spread as trained management and staff ensures high standards of care and hygiene.

Providing palliative care and attention to serious patients 

Specialised care is given to the patient with serious illness. This is mostly a daily care routine job of the specialised staff of palliative care. Care of this special type is given to only relief the patient from symptoms and stress and to improve his quality of life.

Regular health checkups and screenings of patients 

It is also a part of care routine job to regular screening of patients. Regular health check ups of patients of diabetes, heart ailment and cancer etc helps in regular treatment.

It helps in preventing illnesses, screening medical problems, addressing health concerns and creating a relation of trust and faith between carer and patient. It also helps in providing health information to patients about making healthy life choices.

Daily routine care of oral hygiene of patients

Importance of oral hygiene must be told to the patients. Healthy mouth, teeth and a clean respiratory tract helps in avoiding many types of illnesses.

Maintaining a good oral hygiene or healthcare staff taking care of oral hygiene of patients helps in improving the quality and standard of life.

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