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Physical Abuse Signs and Symptoms – Essay, Report Writing Example

Physical child abuse occurs when a child is put at risk of harm by others. A physically abused child may be afraid to tell anyone about the physical abuse, and that is why; it becomes necessary to look at symptoms of physical abuse. The child can get bruises or cuts and can show stress signs for various reasons that serve as a regular part of their childhood. However, it is not easy to recognize the symptoms of physical abuse in the elderly, and the students have to conduct in-depth research while preparing for a healthcare essay. Irish students can take help from assignment writers for developing an impressive essay in a short time.

The effects of physical abuse are not limited to bruises or a simple cut, but it can cause PTSD like health-related issues as well. Moreover, the psychological effects of abuse and domestic violence cannot be underestimated and require proper treatment from healthcare providers. Physical abuse is when someone harms a child or a young person for a specific purpose. All children have falls and accidents, but bumps and bruises do not always mean that a child is suffering from physical abuse. The students can ask me to do my assignment for me the team of expert writers from Ireland.

Signs of physical abuse

  1. Burns which are difficult to explain
  2. Welts, bruises, or other injuries which do not match with children’s story
  3. Injuries at variant stages of healing
  4. Urinary tract infections
  5. Severe medical complaints like fatigue, chronic headaches, and many more
  6. Anxiety involving post-traumatic stress disorder and panic attacks
  7. Untreated mental or dental issues
  8. Injury marks from the belt, hand, and other objects that have a pattern

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What are the effects of physical abuse?

The short-term effects caused by signs and symptoms of physical abuse in a care home are treatable with the help of healthcare providers. However, broken bones, bruises, cuts, and other injuries can cause long-term effects of physical damage as well. Physical illness like diabetes gets worsened due to physical violence. Even murder and suicide, like severe cases, are associated with physical abuse. Some of the long-term effects of physical abuse include:

  • Hypertension
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Problems at school
  • Heart diseases
  • Self-destructive behavior
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep disruption
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Depression is one of the significant psychological responses to physical abuse, and other psychological effects include self-harm, suicidal behavior, and panic disorder. If a child has injuries, then it can affect the regular patterns of children’s behavior. Head injuries and breathing problems in babies can have signs of physical abuse. Moreover, signs and symptoms of physical abuse in children can lead to poor mental and physical development in the child.

Report writing examples on signs and symptoms of physical abuse in Ireland

Title: How to treat signs of physical abuse among children?

Physical abuse can happen with anyone, and some parents find it hard to provide their children with a safe and loving environment. A child suffering from signs of physical abuse cannot realize what is happening wrong with them. Lack of support and issues with alcohol become a primary reason due to which children are suffering from physical abuse. Even a child starts blaming themselves for poor conditions occurring in their life.

Parents need to listen carefully to what their child is saying. It becomes essential for parents to tell children that it is not their fault and explain to them what to do next. Moreover, it is crucial to report what the child has told about physical abuse.

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