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Planning and Preparation for Work Experience Essay for Irish Students

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Planning and Preparation for Work Experience Essay for Irish Students

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Work Experience

The Work experience means an experience of the workplace you get before you join some work before starting your career. Even before graduating or doing any other course of study one may need to show the work experience. It supports your future education or work.

For example, if someone needs to get a job in the garments industry that person needs to have some prior experience in the industry or just need to work on a related project.

To have a growth in career one has to do some prior preparation. Whether you are already employed or in the process of employment find, you should be ready for the prior planning and preparation. For work experience one has to explore the world in a way that you can get the maximum learning output from it. Even to make a CV you concentrate on presenting or displaying all the skills you have learned in time. So, preparation for work experience starts in your mind before joining the job.

Your academic studies are always complemented by your work experience. In reality, this is another way of the learning experience. It will also provide you with essential knowledge, attributes, and skills which are looked at by the employer. Mostly it is hard to get the work in a good organization without having prior work experience.

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There are some examples of my work experience :

  • To get the placement in some industries mostly universities offer some vocational courses to learn about the particular industry e.g. hotel, automobile, etc. Universities also call placement services for students.
  • Shorter work experience on a small project related to the particular course is also important. One may pursue it while studying and it can be part of your course. It can be also an internship.
  • You can also have some work opportunities during vacations and can get valuable experience.

Preparation and Planning

One needs to have a plan before making the first step to joining some kind of work. But, it differs from a person. On the one hand, some individuals know what they want but some have no clue about it so they experiment with lots of jobs and get various work experiences, and chose the job of the future by experience. But these actions are needed to have work experience in both cases

  • Making a note of the priorities: One needs to make a note of the interests and future planning. Sometimes it is not necessary that you get the job, in particular, that field where you want. It can be the situation that you want to join some restaurant but because of the lack of opportunity there, you need to work in a garage to earn money. In that case, even if you have taken that job for the short term it may help you in learning significant work experience.

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  • Making a work experience diary:

To make the plan to reach somewhere a position you have to plan your work experience in a way that you can get your desired job. For example, if you want to be a chief chef of a renowned restaurant in Ireland, you need to have the experience of assistant of a chef or a chef. It depends on the particular restaurant for how many years of experience they need.

To make a diary you need to make a sequence of the work experience to get to the desired work. Suppose you want to be an actor but you are working as a manager somewhere so how can you polish and learn the acting skills. To get the actor job you need to have an actor’s work experience.

All kinds of work experience bring something different to your life and when you get exposure to new work and working environment it enriches your personality and maturity at work. When you prepare a CV to apply for some job you highlight your related work experience to that job. And it makes you distinguished from a nuseverallicants. This may enrich your chance to get a particular job. Each experience makes you more employable in the future.

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