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Positive Risking Increases Resilience and Self-Efficacy Essay Sample 

This essay sample shall deal with the concept of positive risk, risk factors affecting a person’s mental health, resilience ability in a person, and methods to develop self-efficacy.

The positive risk or positive factors can lead to developing self-efficacy and resilience in a person to cope with the stressful event and handle of own issues.

The risk factors are those which increase the vulnerability of a person to daily stress issues.

Positive Risking Increases Resilience and Self-Efficacy Essay Sample

While resilience is a factor that protects the individual against any negative thoughts and manages stress. It is an individual’s ability to deal with stress and maintain positive growth for wellbeing against any psychological threats.

Some of the daily stress factors that could adversely affect the mental health of a person are having an argument with another person, receiving bad news in the morning, being stuck in a traffic jam for a long, and getting late for work. Such daily stress can turn into any chronic stress if there is no clinical intervention to solve them.

People who have greater control over their emotions and have better stress management skills can manage the stress and risk factors. They have a better ability to self-efficacy and resilience than others and do not fall into anxiety that easily in a stressful event.

Risk factors decreasing resilience and self-efficacy in a person 

The risk factors decrease the ability of a person to think logically and rationally by making thoughts and mindset negative turning him into a non-resilient person.

While on the other hand resilience will make him a more tolerant and practical individual to deal with any situation in his life.

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Some of these risk factors could be in the form of lack of social skills, experiencing loss and grief due to seeing the death of a close person or friend, facing difficulty in a relationship, self-isolation, change in the family structure, drugs, or alcohol use.

There are certainly other factors that increase the stress of an individual to such an extent that resilience becomes very difficult. Such an individual needs clinical intervention and psychological help to come out of the situation.

This includes experiencing racial discrimination and other forms of discrimination in public space for a lifetime, exposure to violence and fear of uncertainty about the future, lack of hope for the future creating depression and suicidal tendencies, body image issues, and confused self-identity.

These major risk factors can make an individual less confident when facing any stress and major crisis as they feel much exposed to chronic stress.

Protective factors to build resilience in a person 

The positive coping strategy is also known as positive risking to help an individual to balance his life and to reduce vulnerability against the risk factors.

Psychologists help in identifying the protective factors to create a positive impact on the lives of the people.

There are many prevention strategies to strengthen these positive factors to help people in enhancing their social abilities and problem-solving skills.

Individuals who have a positive mindset and emotions have the ability to bounce back from the negative events in an effective way known to be much more resilient.

Such people are always energetic and optimistic in their behavior and social conduct. They are open to both positive and negative experiences in their life and such a state can be achieved by others through practice and affirmation.

These factors include the use of humor during any conversation and speech, getting relaxation therapies like aromatherapy and spa, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, deep breathing and meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, etc.

Research states that people who face trauma if they have self-efficacy can recover from such situations at a fast pace. It helps in rebuilding their lives after the trauma.

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Methods to develop self-efficacy in a person 

Self-efficacy is an individual’s perception of their capabilities to achieve a particular state.

When a person faces a challenge in his life only his self-confidence and esteem can sail him through such tough times. A person who does not have any self-faith can not build self-efficacy. Building self-efficacy leads to resilience.

  • Self-efficacy can be developed by drawing on past achievements. It is a method through which an individual can recall his past experiences of accomplishments which increases his self-confidence.

He generates self-belief that if he could achieve so much in the past then he could achieve even his higher goals in life.

  • The second method is to follow the correct role models in life who have succeeded in their life goals. In a workplace when one person sees others as successful he gets hopeful of achieving the same position in life. These successful people can be their mentors to guide them at work.
  • Positive affirmation is another effective method in the form of words, gestures, and rewards that are used for a person on successful completion of a task. It helps such individuals to boost their confidence and self-esteem.
  • Renewal is an important method that is used for reducing anxiety issues and increasing hope and optimism in a person. It helps in achieving goals through exercise, socializing, and meditation.

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The above sample mentions the increase in self-efficacy and resilience due to positive risking.

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