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Postoperative Nursing Care Plan in Ireland Essay Sample

Postoperative nursing is the care that a patient receives after surgical procedures. Such types of care depend on many factors and it depends on the type of surgery that one experiences. It also depends on the health history of an individual.

Postoperative Nursing Care Plan in Ireland Essay Example

Postoperative nursing care incorporates wound care and also includes pain management. Post-operative care commences after surgical procedures that are used on a patient. The post-operative phase often implies care as also the monitoring of patients by nurses.

In this phase, the patient recovers from the effects of surgery and anesthesia. In this process, the patient must have sufficient ventilation and the person must have stable pain control, and hemodynamics after a surgery.

This essay discusses the various aspects of a post-operative nursing care plan in Ireland.

The essay highlights the nursing interventions, post-anesthesia care units, various phases of post-anesthesia care, patient assessments, and patient discharges.

Nursing interventions

There can be risks associated with a patient and the post-anesthesia nurse requires to comprehend them.

The nurses require to understand the complications of the patient. They should be in a position to set up interventions if there are any negative alterations in the status of the patient. When it comes to nursing interventions at various hospitals and clinics within Ireland then it implies monitoring the airway potencies, vital signs, neurologic status, and pain management.

The nursing professionals also require assessing and evaluating the surgical sites. They also require evaluating and maintaining of electrolyte and fluid balances of the patient.

The nursing professionals are also required to provide reports of the status of the patients to other nurses as also to the members of the family of the patient.

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Postanesthesia care units

The post-anesthesia care units are part of the postoperative nursing plans in Ireland. The patients are required to be stable and they are required to be free from any complications so that they can be transferred from the PACU to the home or any other clinical units.

A patient can develop complications after the post-operative phases. Therefore, it is important to carry out a nursing evaluation during the postoperative phase. The PACU should be located near operation theatres. Such rooms are often large and can accommodate multiple patients.

The nurses can access cardiac monitors, pressure monitoring devices, oxygen, suctions, and airways management equipment.

Postanesthesia care stages

The post-anesthesia care stages are part of postoperative nursing care plans. There are three vital phases of post-anesthesia care and they are as follows:-

Phase 1

It is that phase when the patient emerges from the anesthesia and needs care. The nurse part of the PACU monitors the consciousness levels of the patients, the professional also checks muscle strengths, cardiac rhythms, oxygen saturations, and blood pressures of the patient.

Phase 2

In this phase of post-anesthesia, the patient’s consciousness returns and the patient displays stable cardiac, renal and pulmonary functioning. Often patients bypass phase 1 and go to phase 2 and such a process is termed fast-tracking. After phase 2 the patient moves to either home or a nursing care facility.

Phase 3

In this phase, care is rendered to the patients who require observations, monitoring, and other interventions after phase 1 and phase 2. Nursing care is rendered to the patients continuously until the patients recover fully from anesthesia and surgeries and are ready to do self-care.

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Patient assessments and evaluations

Patient assessments and evaluations are part of the postoperative nursing care plans. When a patient is admitted to a PACU then the PACU nurse is in charge of doing assessments of the patient’s airways, they also do assessments of the patient’s circulatory and respiratory status.

After that, the nurses of the PACU conduct a thorough evaluation of the patients. Postanesthesia nursing care plans emphasize circulation and ventilation. They also monitor the levels of oxygen, and levels of consciousness that are there in the patients.

The nurses also engage in the pain management of the patients. The nurses should also document data on circulatory, respiratory, and neurologic functions from time to time.

Some steps and procedures are involved in the assessment of neurologic functions, and respiratory functions of the patients undergoing postoperative nursing care in Ireland. For more on these visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

The initial assessments that are rendered as per the postoperative plan are as follows:-

  • Physical evaluations like breathing, airways, and circulation/disability assessments
  • Baseline observations incorporate respiratory efforts, BP, RR, and temperature monitoring
  • Analgesia
  • Oxygen needs
  • IV fluids
  • Blood loss
  • Urine outputs
  • Assessments of dressings/wounds
  • Patient safety

The observations that are part of postoperative nursing care plans within a PACU need to be conducted periodically keeping a 15 minutes gap. Besides, there should be cardio-respiratory monitoring that is applied to patients who are aged above 6 years of age.

Patient discharges

The anesthesiologist may discharge a patient after phase 1. Sometimes, the Aldrete scores of the patients in Phase 2 are used for discharging the patients. Patients who are conscious or those who are recipients of regional or local anesthesia are out of Phase 1 and are discharged.

After discharge of the patients, the patient moves to home or in-patient units. If the patients are staying within the hospital premises then the PACU nurse furnishes a report to the supervising nurses (in-patient units) who then take care of the patients.

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