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Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions Essay Example Ireland

The Irish healthcare systems are robust enough to deal with health-related issues of the people in Ireland. This is facilitated by the introduction and implementation of various healthcare programs like the ICP also known as Integrated Care Programs.

The objective of the ICP is to design an organized model to provide care and treat patients properly and with low complexity levels. Such treatments and care are regarded as timely, safe and very efficient, and effective. ICP also focuses on preventing and managing persistent illnesses that adversely affect a wide range of health care service users.

Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions Essay Sample Ireland

This essay highlights the need for ICP for the prevention and management of chronic ailments, the essay also furnishes information on the significance of ICP. The essay also portrays the various benefits of ICP.

Why need ICP at Irish healthcare facilities?

Roughly a million people residing in Ireland suffer from various ailments like Asthma, COPD, diabetes, and various types of heart ailments. Surveys and reports are suggestive of the fact that a significant population in Ireland lives with various types of co-morbidities.

In this context, it is important to mention that people living with co-morbidities live with two or more chronic ailments. This type of situation is a challenge for the Irish healthcare services, Irish economy, and society. This is one of the reasons why ICP is required at the various Irish healthcare facilities.

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There are several instances where individuals in Ireland with co-morbidities and chronic diseases live for a long period. Though there is a wide range of treatments that are available and at affordable costs but the Irish healthcare professionals and related entities need to plan and thereby prevent and also manage chronic conditions.

This is yet another reason that justifies the need for ICP so that prevention is also the management of chronic ailments can take place effectively.

Significance of ICP

Various ways provide care and cure services to Irish patients suffering from chronic ailments. Some are effective and some are not. Surveys highlight that a great many people require hospital admissions because of chronic ailments. Many people are dependent on the services (out-patient) of hospitals and clinics for the management and prevention of chronic ailments.

As a consequence there happens a time lag in appointments for patients at Irish hospitals and that in turn causes gaps in care and cure services to the patients. This section of the essay discusses the various ways that can be utilized to make sure that care and cure services are rendered to patients in Ireland effectively.

The HSE has set up Integrated Care Programs or ICP for managing as well as preventing chronic ailments. The objective of the program is to furnish better care and cure services to the people in Ireland suffering from chronic diseases.

This can be achieved by providing management and support services continuously to patients suffering from severe ailments. The Integrated Care Programs are so designed that it incorporates simplified access to specialist and diagnostic supports within the community.

The ICP also incorporates the functioning of various hospital services in a coordinated fashion so that people mostly Irish patients can obtain the caring services that they require.

For providing the ICP prevention and management of chronic diseases the service deliveries and related resources must be re-oriented. For more related info about Integrated Care Programs or ICP, visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

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Benefits of ICP

This section of the essay features the various benefits of using ICP in different clinics and healthcare facilities in Ireland. ICP or Integrated Care Programs are known to enhance the outcome and quality for patients as also their respective families by providing the following things:-

  • By using ICP the requirements of patients are calculated and comprehended. This helps the healthcare services provider in Ireland to prevent and also manage severe illnesses of patients.
  • The services catering to the prevention and management of chronic diseases are well managed.
  • The ICP or the Integrated Care Programs are preventative and they are also well-coordinated.
  • The ICP is designed in a manner so that it considers the effect on the well-being and health of the concerned Irish patients.

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