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Teaching in Ireland can be like a dream come true for many educators. It can be quite challenging to find a teaching job in topmost Irish universities like Dublin University, Maynooth University, and many more. Ireland is a reputed country with an elite education system and a standardized global economy. Still, the talented teachers get a chance to stand out among the rest after getting hired. The students pursuing a psychology course can take help from online samples to finish their essay papers on time.

The teachers of primary school tend to teach all subjects which are part of the Irish national curriculum. It is efficient to know all the primary school teaching points for getting a job in Ireland. STEM qualified teachers can find teaching opportunities in the Irish public system. However, ESL teachers can see an increase in English teaching opportunities. The primary school teachers of Ireland help in the social, physical, and intellectual development of students. Moreover, the qualification in Masters of Education helps the students to get a teaching job easily.

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Requirements to become primary school teachers in Ireland

Primary schools require teachers who are fluent in Irish Gaelic as it is a crucial part of the core curriculum for students. The teachers of primary school teach students between the ages of 4 to 13. There are two main routes into primary school teaching in Ireland for those who want to register:

  • Recognized degree of B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education).
  • Recognized higher or graduate diploma in Primary Education. Along with it, the candidates should qualify for level 9 or primary degree at level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications.

The starting primary school teaching salary is around £ 21, 000. The teacher of primary school with an efficient degree can expect a salary of approximately €39, 000. Irish teacher of primary school has the responsibility to teach various subjects. The primary school teacher plans and marks multiple assignments to students. It can be challenging to work with primary school students, but it is a rewarding responsibility.

How can aspirants become a teacher of secondary school in Ireland?

The teachers of secondary schools in Ireland teach the students of age 13 or above. The demand for teachers specialized in STEM subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is increasing in Ireland. The teachers having primary school teaching Ireland points can have an excellent chance to find a job in secondary schools that focuses on math and science.

High schools in Ireland will only require a teaching certificate recognized by the Teaching Council of Ireland while considering applicants for employment. The aspirants searching for how to become a secondary school teacher in the Republic of Ireland must apply to get recognition of their qualifications to the Irish Teaching Council.

To teach in the private schools of Ireland, aspirants must have a Bachelor’s degree and a form of ESL teaching qualification like a TEFL Certificate. Moreover, applicants must have a minimum requirement of level 7 on the National Qualification Framework.

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Educational essay writing sample on primary teaching in Ireland

Title: What are the practical activities performed by primary school teachers?

The primary role of the teacher is to develop and foster effective skills and social abilities to enable child development. The primary school teachers plan and deliver lessons accordingly. The teachers assign college coursework and then record the progress of the child according to the child’s aptitude and ability.

Along with all such responsibilities, the teacher needs to work as a team member within the school and discuss it with other individuals. Teaching the Irish language to primary school students is necessary due to which primary school teachers must know Irish. With the acknowledgment of Literacy and Numeracy (6N1935), primary school teachers can help in the overall development of the child.

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