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Essay sample on the Principle of Employment Law

The employment law in the Republic of Ireland is administered by statutory provisions, common law, and a wide range of fundamental rights highlighted in the Irish Constitution. Employment law legalizes the relationship between employees and employers. It regulates several authorities and determines what employers can ask employees, what they can expect, and their rights at work. The Employment Equality Acts 1998-2001 reflect the discrimination in the employment-related areas. The students assigned with essay writing tasks on principles of employment law should research discrimination, harassment, and bullying like issues faced by individuals at the workplace.

Essay sample on the Principle of Employment Law

There are multiple reasons why discrimination issues can intensify in the workplace. For instance, in the case of a female employee, if a company rejects her request to return from maternity leave to do a part-time job, it leads to indirect sex discrimination. The Employment Equality Legislation in Ireland puts a responsibility on employers to prevent harassment and bullying in the workplace.  There are general principles of employment law stating to not do any discrimination and prevents employee to get the best results.

What type of challenges can be faced by employees in the workplace?

There are several challenges faced by the individual while working on the worksite. It can include age discrimination, caste discrimination, marital status discrimination, and many more. Discrimination is not only about differentiating based on age, marital status, gender, religion, or any belief. Instead, it’s also about harassing an individual during the employment period, the way the job is advertised, and many more.

  • Harassment

Harassment is unwanted conduct toward an employee by other workers or even a third party. It can include humiliating, violating an employee’s dignity, creating a degrading or offensive environment, and much more that can demotivate an employee. Telling the ageist jokes at the worksite is also a part of age harassment if it is causing someone uncomfortable. Moreover, the workers who are not a direct part of the harassment can also make some degraded behaviour claims that are offensive.

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  • Age discrimination

Direct age discrimination is the one in which an employee is less treated due to their age. Many times, an employee having a higher age than coworkers and not sharing the same circumstances with comparators becomes a part of direct age discrimination. Apart from direct age, sometimes, employees can often face indirect age discrimination as well. For instance, the company may demand recently qualified employees for large project completion. It indirectly discriminates against older employees even if they have high experience.

  • Disability Judgment:

This kind of discrimination protects any worker from being treated favorably due to some disability or its consequences. The reason may not include the disability itself; however, it can involve something related to the disability such as an aid or device. For instance, if a disabled worker who does not continue to the job gets fired due to regular absence can claim discrimination arising from a disability.

  • Bullying:

Workplace bullying is inappropriate behaviour verbal, physical, direct or indirect, or otherwise led by any group of individuals against one person. Generally, bullying and harassment are regarded as similar and used interchangeably when determining bullying in the workplace. Any employee facing bullying cans complain under the Irish laws covering harassment and discrimination.

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What are the principles of Irish Employment Law?

  • The statutory rights and protected characteristics state under the Irish Employment Law, that no employee or worker has the right to treat others less favourably.
  • Dismissing or neglecting people at the workplace for an unfair reason is unlawful according to the Employment Law.
  • It is essential to ensure that people at the workplace have some sort of contract and no one has the right to break it.
  • Requests to the manager or chief of the organization can be made for flexible working.
  • Protecting the information and privacy of people at the workplace is equally significant to protect them from discrimination.
  • Paying people if they are sick for a while is also regulated under the Employment Law.
  • Providing employees with a chance to put things right is also considered crucial under the law.

Responsibilities of employees to protect against harassment like issues in the workplace

  • The major responsibility of the employer is to focus on policies and procedures that promote equality within the company.
  • The employers should check no discrimination based on development, training, promotion, recruitment, disability, status, age, or any other factor that is happening within the organization.
  • It is beneficial to have an established objection and disciplinary setup to deal with matters on a consistent and fair basis.
  • It is essential to make reasonable decisions for disabled employees based on their needs.
  • By providing suitable advice and setting up effective guidelines for equal policy implementation, selection, or promotion should be made on an equal basis of merit.

Sample essay on the principle of employment law

Title: What does Employment Equality Law Ireland state?

The Employment Equality Act applies to all the employers working in public as well as the private sector. Additionally, it is applicable to professional organizations, vocational training providers, employers’ organizations, trade unions, trustees, and the head of occupational pension schemes.

It covers the employees working in careers guidance services, office partners, holders, transfers, promotions, training, terms, recruitment, and many more. The Employment Equality Law provides legal protection to the employees against age discrimination. It is unlawful to discriminate against any employee or employer on the basis of actual or perceived age.

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