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Essay sample on Protection for Persons Reporting Child Abuse Act, 1998

Child abuse has become a global issue worldwide as it affects the child’s welfare and development and infringes on his dignity and space. Misuse of any form is ubiquitous amongst the vulnerable groups of any society, especially children, as they cannot fight for their rights. The following essay shall focus on the Protection for persons reporting child abuse act 1998. It will highlight the types of abuse and short and long-term actions taken to safeguard the children from any harm or risks and concerns.

Essay sample on Protection for Persons Reporting Child Abuse Act, 1998

Types of Child Abuse

Child abuse is mainly categorized into four different types by the Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children. A child may experience more than one form of abuse, namely:-

  1. Neglect
  2. Emotional abuse
  3. Physical abuse
  4. Sexual abuse
  • Neglect occurs when a child does not get adequate care and any supervision to the extent that the child is harmed physically. Chronic neglect is harmful to the development and the well-being of children. Long-term decay could cause any negative consequences. Ommission of care makes a child’s health, product, or welfare impaired. It could deprive them of food, clothing, warmth, hygiene, medical care, intellectual stimulation or supervision, and safety.
  • Emotional abuse occurs when parents or carers do not meet a child’s need for affection, approval, and security. Using slang, criticizing, and degrading their emotional health and confidence can also be emotional abuse—for example – unreasonable disciplinary measures, the premature imposition of responsibility, and exposure to domestic violence. The effects of emotional abuse on a child are shown through his behavior, emotional state, and development.

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  • Physical Abuse is when someone deliberately hurts a child physically or risks or injuries him. It could be a single or pattern of incidents. For example, use excessive force, shake a child, slap, hit him with an object, or allow the risk of injury to a child. The Children First Act 2015 has abolished the common law defense of reasonable chastisement in the court proceedings. This defense could previously be used by a parent or other person in authority who physically disciplined a child.
  • Sexual abuse comprises any sexual harassment, gratification, assault, inappropriate touching of a child in their private parts, or making sexual remarks on the child.

Relevant provisions of the Protection for persons reporting child abuse act 1998

  • Section 3 of the protection for persons reporting child abuse act 1998 states that when a person finds or believes that a child has been or could be abused. Such a child is at the risk of being assaulted, ill-treated, neglected, or sexually abused.

A child’s health, development, or welfare has been or is being impaired or neglected.

Then he shall be protected from any civil liability of persons who’ve reported the child abuse.

  • Section 4 states that an employer cannot penalize an employee for having formed an opinion of the kind referred to in Section 3 of this Act only if he has been reasonable in his act and acted in good faith with bonafide intention and reported it to the appropriate authority.

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Reporting Child Abuse concerns by a person under the Protection for persons reporting child abuse act 1998

Under the Protection for persons reporting child abuse act 1998, a person could tell the truth in good faith, and cannot be sued for making a false or malicious report.

Anyone who suspects that a child is being abused or is at risk of abuse must report their suspicion to Tusla. One should report concerns to the Tusla Children and Family Services local social work duty service in the area the child lives.

One can report concerns in person by writing or on the phone. Tusla does not usually reveal the names of people who say suspicious of child abuse unless they’ve permission to do so.

Tusla will consider the report and decide whether it needs following up. If it does, Tusla will look for the information from other sources and contact the child and his parents. It will take any actions required to protect the child.

If one needs to report concerns outside regular office hours, they must report the Garda Siochana problems.

Recognition of Child Abuse and actions taken by organizations to prevent child abuse 

Any child abuse could be physical, emotional, or sexual but cannot be seen or the ability to recognize it easily. It depends upon the willingness to accept the possibility of its existence as on your knowledge of child abuse. The Child and Family Agency (Tusla) provides information on child abuse types on the website.

It is not required to prove that abuse has taken place but only reasonable grounds for concern to be assessed by Tusla. One may have observed the signs of abuse or grounds of concern, such as a child’s injury or distressing symptoms for no reason. A child may make a direct or indirect abuse disclosure, but one needs to recognize them.

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The Child and Family Agency provides information on the types of child abuse and its long-term and short-term actions in child abuse on its website. The issue and concerns can be reported while the child abuse symptoms should not be neglected, causing major harm.

All organizations providing services to children should develop specific policies and procedures on creating a safe environment to prevent deliberate harm or abuse to the children.

A list of organizations with a statutory responsibility under the Children First Act 2015 can be found in the Child First – National Guidance for children’s protection and welfare. The legislation imposes deadlines on the organization in carrying out a risk assessment and preparing child safeguarding statements.

A designated liaison person is appointed to ensure reporting procedures within the organization are followed. So child welfare and protection concerns are referred to Tusla. Some designated liaison persons will be working in an organization where mandated persons are also employed.

The Children First Act, 2015, mandated persons have ongoing contact with children and families. Because of their qualifications, training, and experience, they are key to protecting children from harm.

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The sample above highlights the legal provisions of child abuse and the protection of persons reporting such abuse. Law students, healthcare, well-being, and child care development students can refer to this above-written essay. Legal research, legal terms interpretation, and studying of Acts are mostly complex tasks that require a high level of proficiency and knowledge.

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