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Essay sample on Psychology Leadership Development

Leadership refers to the process of influencing others in such a manner that promotes their involvement in achieving the goals. The students asked what leadership in psychology should know that effective leadership alters people’s ambitions, and goals, and replaces negative behavior with a directed one. It becomes essential for students to research in-depth the importance of leadership development to prepare a knowledgeable essay. Irish expert writing team provides the students with standard psychology assignment writing solutions at affordable prices.

Essay sample on Psychology Leadership Development

Successful leaders have high social intelligence, inner resources such as self-mastery, the ability to enhance changes, and the capacity to focus on the attentive things. The role of leaders is to influence their followers and make creative decisions to shape the development of their lives. Effective leaders share sociability, curiosity, ambition, and other key personality traits to promote development. The students who ask can anyone write my clinical psychology assignment can take help from the leading writing company in Ireland.

What are the different theories of leadership in organizational psychology?

  • Trait Theory of Leadership

There are particular traits shared by all successful leaders with their followers. Although during the earliest forms of leadership theory, leadership was considered as an innate quality that some individuals are born with; however, over time it has been found that people can acquire effective leadership qualities. Some of the traits, which are common among individuals, include decision making, critical thinking, integrity, empathy, and many others.

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However, having any of these traits does not guarantee that the individual will succeed as a successful leader. The students asking what leadership is in organizational psychology should understand that a trait is an external presentation of the mental processes. It is the perspectives and beliefs that make a leader’s ability to be more effective.

  • Behavioral Theory of Leadership

There are many kinds of behaviors exhibited by leaders who help others in the decision-making process. Autocratic leaders are the ones who do not access their assistants while making decisions in the workplace. When decisions have to be made quickly and require extensive knowledge of the leaders, then such type of behavior is acceptable. Autocratic leadership works in some situations where outcomes are concise and the agreement of the team is not necessary for the business outcome.

However, a democratic leader seeks the approval of their subordinates before making any decision. Democratic leadership works in places where team agreement is necessary for successful consequence. The students wondering what the connection between leadership and psychology should know that psychological leadership is beneficial to building a well-aligned and cohesive organizational team. The psychology of the leader affects the performance of the entire team. A good leader is one who can use various working styles in the correct situation.

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Sample essay on psychology leadership development

Title: What is the functional theory of leadership?

According to the functional theory of leadership, the leader has the major responsibility to lead the team. They have to manage the needs of their followers and then should ensure that those needs are effectively met. The functional models of leadership theory focus on certain action areas that are necessary to establish. It becomes essential to ensure that each individual in a group is capable to meet the psychological needs. The functional leadership theory tells that why is psychology important for satisfying the business needs and individual objectives. Along with it, the leaders are also assigned to other functions, which are helpful to achieve the business goals.

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