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Reflection Upon Positive Classroom Environment in Early Childhood Care Essay Sample

This sample will deal with reflective writing on a positive classroom environment in early childhood education years.

This will cover personal experience and opinions on child welfare and development.

Creating a positive environment in a childcare setting is a very important criterion for a child’s growth.

Reflection Upon Positive Classroom Environment in Early Childhood Care Essay Sample

Teachers, educators, carers, and childcare staff are the people responsible for creating a suitable learning environment for children.

I am further writing my personal details of experience in a childcare setting to understand the various elements to create a positive learning environment.

My personal experience of a classroom in the early years

I have a school-time friend called Cara, who is a full-time professional teacher in a primary school and also takes private tuition of children. She is experienced and trained in the field of teaching and deals with young minds on a daily basis.

I was given a project by the college on child education and development and had to prepare a report on practical classroom experience. So I approached my friend to help me in this regard. She spoke to her senior authorities and got me permission to accompany her to school for the next fifteen days.

My purpose was to learn from my experience at the school and in a classroom setting. I closely noticed the conduct and behavior of teachers and children in the class and their approach.

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I accompanied my friend to her class daily and made a place for myself where I could learn about teaching techniques and the classroom environment.

  • I followed that after every lesson a break was given to the children to self-reflect upon their thoughts about the concepts and questions were taken up later.
  • She created some images and drawings on the classroom board to teach them subjects through life experiences.
  • Every day a new teaching method was adopted to make the classroom discussions interesting and interactive.
  • The teacher never interfered while a child was trying to speak and convey his thoughts on what he has learned so far.
  • One day I saw that she conducted a classroom skit where children were playing different roles based on elements of nature. It was based on the importance of nature and its protection. I found this as a very effective positive approach to teaching children.
  • If any child seemed upset, she had taken time after school hours to speak to the child to solve his issues and give him emotional support.
  • Childcare agencies and authorities in charge used to take regular inspections of classrooms to see if everything is rightly managed.
  • Team projects and classroom debates were conducted by the teacher to promote interaction and learning.
  • Meetings of childcare staff, teachers, parents, and carers were held regularly to ensure the regular involvement of parents in the life of their children in school.

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Self-reflective thoughts on the basis of experience gained in the classroom setting 

Through the experience of 15 days in a childcare setting I have learned about the cause of the positive environment of the classroom and various approaches.

Staying in a classroom with young children has helped me to reflect upon my thoughts to understand how a positive environment or attitude helps in the holistic development of a child.

Some of my personal views based on my learning experience in my friend’s school are:-

  • A positive approach and environment not only help the child to perform better in academics but also builds his personality and communication skills.
  • It helps the children to create a healthy relationships with other children in school. They create personal bonds, emotions, and communication skills through the various interactive sessions in the school.
  • Teachers must be humble, polite, friendly, approachable, and must have a positive attitude towards the children to help them grow and develop.
  • Different methods of teaching and programs must be devised to teach children and make their learning process engaging and interesting.
  • Regular communication of information about the child to parents through school meetings must be provided so that there can be personal growth of the child. It contributes to their positive development of personality and learning.

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The sample above is a self-reflection on a positive classroom environment in Early Childhood Care and Education.

Childcare, Child Development, Behavior Management, ECCE, Child Psychology students can read this writing to get an idea that how a positive environment can be created in a classroom.

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