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Essay Sample on Rehabilitation and recreational needs in orders

The need to do some activity of leisure for recreation is a crucial element of human psychology and biology. Generally, recreational activities are accomplished through amusement, enjoyment, or pleasure. Taking part in such recreational activities helps in improving physical and mental health, and quality of life as well.  An individual who has been seriously injured and undergone surgery needs a rehabilitation program to recover. Rehabilitation therapy provides a well-managed and medical environment to help the patient’s body heal. The therapy helps patients in relearning skills, regaining strength, and new ways to perform recreational activities effectively.

Essay Sample on Rehabilitation and recreational needs in orders

Recreational therapy refers to the orderly process that exploits activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of patients. It helps the patient to recover rapidly with enjoyment and fun activities. By spending significant time in the rehabilitation program, patients can start performing physical activities like games, sports, fitness, and other outdoor activities efficiently. Apart from it, recreational activities help in refreshing the minds and bodies of individuals and making their time more enjoyable and interesting.

  • Principles of Rehabilitation

Timing: One of the critical portions of the rehabilitation program is a therapeutic exercise. It should start as soon as possible without causing stress. Rest is sometimes necessary for the injured patients, but excessive rest can be harmful to the recovery. The earlier patients begin with the exercise portion of the rehabilitation plan, the quicker they can return to effective activity.

  • Keep away from aggravation:

During the rehabilitation process, it’s crucial to not intensify the injury. If therapeutic exercise is directed incorrectly or without any judgment then it has the potential to worsen the injury. Thus, the foremost concern of the therapeutic exercise program is to help the injured individual steadily and progressively to keep delays to a minimum.

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  • Compliance:

If the patient is not compliant or obedient, then the rehabilitation process cannot be successful. To ensure compliance, patients must get informed about the program content and the expected process of rehabilitation. Generally, patients become more obedient if they are aware of the program they will be following, the work they will do, and the other components of the program.

  • Individualization:

Each patient reacts or responds in a different way to an injury. Similar to this, patients respond diversely to the consequent rehabilitation program. Thus, expecting a patient to respond similarly to the last one can create trouble for both patients and supporters. It is necessary to recognize that even if an injury seems similar in type, still some differences can change a patient’s response to it. It can be chemical or physiological differences that affect a patient’s reaction to an injury.

  • Particular sequencing:

Therapeutic exercise in the rehabilitation program must follow a certain sequence of patterns. Such a specific sequence is highlighted by the physiological healing response of the patient.

  • Intensity:

The intensity level of the exercise in the rehabilitation program should challenge the patient as well as the injured area. It required careful observation of the patient and reflection of the healing process to intensity level without enhancing the injury pain.

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Rehabilitation and Recreational needs in orders essay sample

Title: What is the importance of recreational therapy?

The main objective of recreational therapy is to enhance an individual’s functioning and assist them in staying healthy, active, and independent. The use of recreational modalities as a part of a patient’s intervention strategies makes the therapy unique. By integrating the interests of a patient, their family, and community, therapists make the rehabilitation process more meaningful and relevant. Recreational therapists provide a diverse range of services to individuals including adults, children, and old-aged adults with behavioral, physical, developmental, cognitive, and intellectual disabilities.

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