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Relationship Mentoring Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample work shall highlight the meaning of relationship mentoring, parent mentoring, the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors, and the various challenges faced by the mentor and parent in relationship mentoring.

There are many courses in Ireland that are based upon relationship mentoring. It highlights the adult relationship with himself or self which is based upon his personal, family values, social, educational, and work systems.

Relationship Mentoring Essay Sample Ireland

The wellbeing of family members is determined by the emotional and social maturity of each parent in a psycho-social unit of society.

There is a course on Relationship Mentoring at NFQ Level 8 which makes parenting a multi-tasking, challenging, and complex profession. This program mainly focuses on increasing the interpersonal maturity of the employees, enhancing adult professional effectiveness, etc.

It trains the adults with sound and effective interpersonal and communication skills by helping them build one-to-one relationships through mentoring community groups, and work organizations. This course focuses on psychotherapy, psychology, social analysis, and experimental psychology.

Parent Mentoring 

Parent Mentoring in a Parent and Relationship Mentoring is a parent supporting program that is being offered in 1-1 session. Such mentoring service is being offered to the parents inside the house and outside in the locations.

It allows the parents to discuss in a free space about the children by facing challenges, complexities and difficulties of parenting. This parent mentoring and coaching can help parents to develop their own unique style of parenting to teach the child and meet his developmental and emotional needs.

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Some of the common problems that need to be faced by the parents while parent mentoring are:-

  • Understanding the behavior of the child, his needs, and desires.
  • Listening with empathy to the issues or concerns raised by the child and cooperating with him.
  • Helping the child to understand the nature of separation and divorce and assisting him to settle into a new routine which includes shared parenting & two separate homes.
  • Helping the child to blend into the families by helping them deal with step-parents or an absent parent.
  • To help the child with challenges faced in the adolescent stages of development like sexual needs, gender issues, additional needs, relationships, etc.
  • Helping the young children with toilet training and teaching them an important hygiene routine.

The Irish Association of Relationship Mentors (IARM) 

The complete idea of society is based upon a complex network of relationships and their nature. The quality of relationships decides the nature of society that we create and the way we relate to each other.

Every individual in society has the prime responsibility of creating socially responsible behavior which will help others to respond in an open, responsive, and mature way. Parents are seen as the important leader of society and the second is the social settings like school, workplace, social gatherings, etc.

The Irish Association for Relationship Mentors (IARM) is a professional body that supports the professional practice of the relationship mentors who are accredited by the Universities.

The relationship mentors offer specific professional mentoring courses or services on one to one basis and also in groups through workshops and seminars.

Mentors work in close relations with adults who have varied behavior issues that affect their daily personal and professional lives.

Such adults have issues with being perfect at their work, pessimism, extreme fears, addiction, anxiety, aggression, attachment, etc. These behaviour issues are usually addressed in different types of social settings like schools, clubs, communities, and workplaces.

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Relationship mentoring helps the person to pay heed to his personal behavioural issues and taking up self responsibility of effectively responding to it. This makes the person socially and emotionally more mature as an individual.

A mentor creates a safe and secure environment for the relationship to survive and thrive helping the adult to realize his fears and unmet needs. It helps in developing defensive strategies in the minds of the people to help them make more conscious decisions through awareness and understanding.

Such defensive strategies enable a person to recognize his fears and threats immediately and to address them by bringing in any change. Conscious awareness helps a person to become more open and mature towards himself and others.

Some of the common challenges that are addressed by the mentor under the parent relationship mentoring are:-

  • Self-care.
  • The emotional wellbeing of family, staff, colleagues, and others.
  • Effective communication with the above-mentioned people.
  • Raising the self-esteem, tolerance, confidence, and resilience level in children.
  • Setting consistent and clearly defined boundaries to establish discipline in every setting.
  • Understanding the behavioral disorders and illnesses in children.

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The above-written essay sample is written with the intention of discussing Relationship Mentoring.

Relationship Mentoring NFQ Level 8, Mentoring Theory and Process QQI Level 6, Certificate in Coaching And Mentoring QQI Level 6, Child Psychology QQI Level 6, Peer Mentoring in the Community Education QQI Level 5 students can read this above essay sample to enhance their writing abilities and to gain better knowledge.

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