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Research paper Sample on Relevant Legislation about Disability

Legislation has been sanctioned in Ireland to ensure that individuals with disabilities have a legal right of equal access to services as other citizens. The introduction of various fundamental legislative changes affects the delivery of services to people suffering from disabilities. The schools and colleges acting as service providers should support the students with disabilities and inform themselves of their legal responsibility. Along with it, Irish students should get all the aspects of the curriculum and campus that are accessible to other students. The students of Ireland can take help from academic makers for preparing a knowledgeable essay paper.

The individuals suffering from disabilities enjoy equal rights and opportunities under the vision of the National Disability Authority. The students of Ireland should research in-depth about 4 critical pieces of legislation that focus on the rights of people with disabilities in employment as well as education. Irish legislation states that people with disabilities have equal rights to participate in social, economic, and cultural life and have control over how they live their lives. Moreover, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission provides guidance, plus it supports the implementation of relevant legislation. The students can ask to write my assignment to the team of professional writers.

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Equal Status Act of 2000 and 2004

It is an independent state body set-up in Ireland to ensure that all citizens get equal treatment and ensure that discrimination does not occur on specific grounds. The main aim of the Equal Status Act is to provide equality by forbidding discrimination in vocational training, employment, collective agreements, advertising, and the provision of services. Individuals who provide services such as transport, recreational facilities, travel services, banking services, and many more to the public cannot discriminate.  Schools and the Equal Status Act highlight how the legislation can be used for the creation of an inclusive school environment.

Disability Act of 2005

Under the Disability Act, people suffering from disabilities have access to health, educational needs, and independent complaints. Moreover, individuals with disabilities can access public service employment and public buildings.

Employment Equality Act

Equality legislation protects employment as well as the provision of all services and goods. The Act also includes educational services and promotes equality by forbidding discrimination within the employment sector.

Special Educational Needs Act

The Act makes provision for the education of people with special needs along with existing regulations in the Education Act and Education Welfare Act. The main objective of this Act is to ensure that the education needs of students get fulfilled and ensure that children with special needs have the same right as everyone. The Act helps children with special educational needs to participate in school activities by gaining practical skills. Moreover, students with individuals’ needs can live independently and participate in the level of their capacity. Special Need Act defines the role of parents of children with special needs to get involve and provide practical skills to face challenges.

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Sample on relevant legislation about disability research paper

Title: What is the purpose of the Disability Discrimination Act in Ireland?

The main objective of the Disability Discrimination Act is to protect people with disabilities which include partially sighted and blind people from discrimination. Any individual with a disability facing discrimination can access to equal opportunities under DDA. The Act covers all the essential areas of life, which include training, employment, good, transport, premises, and other services. Moreover, people who are not able to carry out day-to-day activities usually can get specific information about how to apply for jobs, and this Act protects individuals with disabilities effectively.

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