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Replacing Coal with the Compressed Timber (Wood) Essay Sample

Replacing Coal with the Compressed Timber (Wood) Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall focus upon the use of wood or compressed timer in place of coal and how is it beneficial for the sustainable development of the environment. It shall also include a paragraph on the ban of smoky coal by the Irish government.

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The concept of sustainable growth and development of the environment can be described as development in such a way so that it meets the needs of the present generation. It shall also not compromise with the needs of the future generation by protecting the environment and making optimum utilization of natural resources.

One of the natural resources that can be used as a fuel and which can also fulfill the requirements of sustainable development is wood (timber). It is found on a larger scale on the landscape of earth in the form of trees and a loss of these woods has a detrimental impact on biodiversity. As many florae and fauna like plants, ferns, flowers, flies all thrive in these woods.

Due to an increase in global warming and drastic changes in the climate, there are many environmental concerns or issues that have emerged gradually. There has been an increase in emissions of the greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide due to the regular use and burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal, gas, etc.

Nonrenewable fossil fuels can be replaced by renewable energy such as compressed timber or wood fuel that can easily reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that has already been released into the atmosphere.

How Seasoned Wood or Timber is Better than Using Coal 

  • When wood is burned the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere which is equivalent to the carbon that is absorbed by the trees.

In order to maintain this carbon absorption process, the woods needs to be continuously be replanted so that there is no shortage of wood fuel resource in the future.

  • The cost of production and transport of carbon is very less in comparison to the other fossil fuels. The amount of energy that is used for production is very little.
  • Wood or timber is a very clean and safe fuel, unlike oil or coal which is associated with high risks when released accidentally into the atmosphere. Coal is not a clean fuel as it attracts many insects and coal dust is generated on burning the coal which causes an uncomfortable smell and smoke.
  • Dry wood can be lighted very easily while burning coal is very difficult and the smoke is very dense which releases heavy metals into the air. It can cause acid rain and serious health issues related to the lungs.

Emission from the wood fuel is very low in comparison to the other fuels as it contains no sulfur and less nitrogen. If the wood is burned for cooking and heating it does not create smoke issues and used mostly in the smokeless zones.

  • The burning of wood can produce ash which can act as an excellent fertilizer as it is rich with potash that can be used for plants. It can reduce the overall environmental and economic costs.
  • Timber or wood can also be used for the purpose of producing electricity and heat on a large scale.
  • Wood can be produced locally which can create job and employment opportunities for the local people. It can help in the development of people where the wood can be grown and processed as a fuel.

It helps in growing the wood locally which can reduce the transportation cost. It is carbon neutral as very little fuel is needed for its transportation.

  • It gives the security of energy as wood is produced locally and the other fuels have to be imported from outside makes them an expensive fuel.
  • Burning off even wood residues is lower in carbon emission which is considered to be climate-friendly biomass that yields high plantations as long as the rate of harvest does not increase.

If the woods are left unburned they can turn into the natural forest and such plantations can have significant carbon benefits. It burns cleaner, hotter, and can remove excess moisture which requires less maintenance of chimneys with low emissions.

Coal-burning can have long-term impacts on the environment and can cause water pollution as well and if it is left unburned it can create dirt around. It does not burn clean and heat production is low.

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Ban of Smoky Coal by the Irish Government

The ban on smoky coal was first introduced in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1990 and later it got extended to the rest of the Irish regions.

There is a National Ban on the Sale and Burning of Smoky Coal, a regulation that has been proposed recently in 2021 by the Government of Ireland.

The Environmental Minister called Eamon Ryan has announced officially regulations on the usage of solid fuels for domestic heating and for another domestic purpose should be a part of the public consultation.

Sale of the other solid fuels like wet wood or unseasoned wood could also be banned according to him.

According to the legislation, the selling, marketing, distribution, and burning of smoky coal be banned from the low smoke zones across Ireland. Such banned fuels cannot be used especially in regions with above 10,000 population.

The Department of Environment, Climate and Communications declared that people must be helped to use measures to use less polluting methods to heat their homes. Any fuel can be used only for purpose of improving public health.

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The above-written essay sample is based on compressed timber or wood as a better replacement for coal.

Environmental Studies QQI Level 5, Applied Ecology QQI Level 5, Ecology and the Environment QQI Level 6, Sustainable Development FETAC Level 5, Healthcare QQI Level 5students can read this sample to gain professional knowledge on the sustainable development and environment.

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