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Residential Care in Ireland Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight the role of the child and family agency in the placement of a child in a residential care home or within his own family settings. It shall also include the work of the children’s residential centers and National Standards for Children’s Residential Centres.

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The Child and Family Agency is called Tusla in Ireland which is mainly responsible for supporting and ensuring the welfare of young children and their families. It aids the children and young people with their accommodation, schools and to get along with the social communities and friends.

Tusla also ensures the care, health, well-being, and development of the children. An agreement is entered usually by the parents and carers for the care of the children but cannot be sometimes be reached. In such a scenario Child and Family Agency will apply to the courts for the care orders to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children.

Such children are taken care of under a Foster Care Placement or in a Relative Foster Care Home. These children are placed into the Children’s Residential Services by the Child and Family Agency. The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs is responsible for ensuring proper care of the children.

The Child and Family Agency is responsible for placing children in an appropriate place to live so that they can be cared for. The care is provided according to the care needs of the children and young people in the residential care centers.

Work of the Children’s Residential Care Centres

The Children’s Residential Centres provides homes for young people and children whose needs can not be met within their own family setting. These care home centers can either be private or run voluntarily by Tusla.

Residential Care Centres provides services that aim at children psychologically, physically, and emotionally where they can be safe, heal and develop in their lives.

Most of the young children in these centers are present due to neglect of care, abuse, and family problems. As a result of a difficult history of the children they usually develop challenging behavior which needs to be managed properly in the child care homes.

Some children are either placed within their own family or by the Children’s Residential Care Centres where the services are provided according to their needs. They work with the family of the child and social workers to help and determine the needs of the children in the future.

The Children’s Residential Centres are supported by the range of services provided by the speech therapist, behavior therapists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and psychologists, etc.

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National Standards for the Children’s Residential Centres 

Health Information and Quality Authority is an independent body or an organization that was set up to improve the quality and safety of health and social care in Ireland. They ensure that the quality services of standards are met.

They have developed national standards for all the children who are residing in the residential centers to ensure that the young children receive the best possible care and safe service.

The social workers work with the children and their families to be able to develop a care plan for them that might be suitable for them in a care center. Before moving into any such residential centers such children are to be introduced to the staff and carers.

A ‘care plan’ is a plan on which the family and social care workers work together with relevant information about the child, care they need, family status, health, beliefs, background, wellbeing, skills, educational interests, etc. These are all mentioned in a care plan.

A residential care home for the children must be an ordinary home with private space and social space where they can share meals and engage in the activities together. It must be well equipped with safety equipment within a homely environment.

The social care workers are specially trained to take care of the special needs of the children and are also responsible for carrying out the other daily tasks related to the residential care homes.

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The above essay sample is written on the residential care homes and centers in Ireland for children.

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