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Revolving Door Identification Model (RDIM) Essay Sample 

The revolving door model is an identification and programming model for gifted students. This essay sample will discuss the Revolving door model, it’s advantages, signs of a gifted child, and the traditional approach of identification of a gifted child.

The Revolving Door model was introduced by Joseph Renzulli to promote talented and gifted students by focusing on their individual learning abilities.

Regular classrooms must work together with special programs so that teachers can easily identify the creativity and talent of children. Several measures were adopted to make children capable to learn on their own through their own learning styles.

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Renzulli’s Revolving Door Identification Model (RDIM) 

His model shows that a very limited number of children can be recognized as gifted under this model. Devices for assessment and gifted education for students has a positive impact on them.

This model creates a pool of talent out of the school population which comprises only a quarter of them.

If a member of the talent pool has a specific area of interest and knowledge or an above-average ability then he is given that project under the guidance of a resource teacher. This project is only for a fixed period of time or tenure to assess the performance of the student.

He will go to the resource room to get assistance from the teacher to complete his project and after completion, he needs to step aside. It is further decided on the basis of his performance and ability that whether he can be allowed to visit the resource room in the future. An evaluation is done to allow the student to take up any advanced research in his area of interest.

Advantages of Revolving Door Identification Model (RDIM) 

  • A limited number of students work under the guidance of a resource teacher and he can individually pay attention to each student. It creates a personal relationship between the teacher and students through close interaction.
  • Students stay in a resource room for a specific period of time. It helps students to enhance their skills and knowledge in the area of interest through services.
  • It gives clarity of idea that how much a student has progressed in his project and his performance is measured through assessment.
  • Students of the talent pool are given regular enrichment experiences so that they can deepen their knowledge by stimulating their interests.
  • The revolving door model ensures continuous and regular personal involvement of resource teachers in the classrooms.
  • A special opportunity is provided to the students with exceptional talent and can obtain special services of the education program.
  • It depends upon the status information and kinds of action information to make decisions about entrance into the talent pool. It is a modern approach of the identification of talent and not a traditional one.
  • In this identification process, the productivity level of children and their ability increases. They eventually become good researchers and investigators.
  • Such children create knowledge by conducting research and do not merely consume information.

Signs of a Gifted Child under the Revolving Door Model 

The giftedness of a child can be easily identified through the following traits – (a) commitment level in completion of the task and achieving work goals, (b) creativity level of children, (c) children with above-average ability.

All gifted students do not excel in the academic field or education. Some of them may display a high level of proficiency in another field, creativity, leadership skills, artistic and musical skills. They perform better in these field of talent than rest of the students in the classroom.

Some of the signs through which we can identify such gifted students are:-

Curious by nature and ask questions 

Such children are usually curious and ask many questions related to any subject. They want to increase their knowledge about subjects and are seen to be active listeners.

They are seen to be more skillful, communicative, interactive, and participative in the classroom discussions and debates. Gifted children are mostly nonhestitant to ask new questions from their teachers and to face challenges in life.

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Gifted children have original ideas

These children have an original plans and ideas to solve problems or issues. They do not follow the crowd to execute plans in life rather are most creative and innovative by nature.

For example, if a mathematical problem is given to children in the class to solve. Most of them will have same method or procedure to solve the problem. Gifted child will adopt his own method or way to solve such a problem as he will be unique and original in his idea.

Gifted children will have better cognitive abilities

Such children will have better cognitive abilities than the rest of the students in his class. They take help from their teachers to solve problems or understanding concepts only when it is necessary.

They can teach themselves new concepts and ideas without the help of elders as they have high intellectual abilities.

Strong vocabulary skill and conversation 

Such children have strong and a huge vocabulary which is better than the rest of the children of his age. He has better learning abilities, communication skills, oral and language skills, and also artistic knowledge.

Since these children have high intellectual abilities they can read books and materials meant for adults. They can easily strike a conversation with an adult person as they have good knowledge. It helps them to further grow and learn through the process of adult conversation.

Sensitive in approach and initiator of work

Gifted children are emotionally more stabled than other children but also highly sensitive. Since they have better knowledge and understanding about life they can relate to human emotions better than the rest.

They show sensitivity towards their surrounding environment and feelings of respect and gratitude. They show respect towards others and also have self-respect. Teachers do not need to pressurise them to study as they themselves initiate their studies and school assignments.

The traditional approach of identification for gifted children

  • The traditional approach of the identification process is different from a modern approach for gifted students. They are either selected or not selected for a particular classroom program under the traditional method.
  • Students under the traditional approach remain in the program for all the subjects throughout the year. Their specific area of interest is not taken into consideration for a special classroom program.
  • “You have it or don’t have it” is the approach in the traditional concept of giftedness. They do not train or assist the students to deepen their knowledge by working under the guidance of a special teacher.
  • It evaluates the performance of students on the basis of regular test scores, IQ tests, and ratings by teachers and not on talent.

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The above sample is written on the Revolving Door Model to identification and programming for gifted and talented students.

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