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Essay Sample on Rights of children with Disabilities

For many people with disabilities, equality, choice, control, and autonomy are the challenges with which they struggle every day. Personal autonomy is a highly valuable approach present in disability policies, and it enhances the profile of CRPD. Rights are entitlements for every Irish citizen, and the rights of children with disabilities are promoted and resisted differently. Generally, the rights for every individual depending on the meaning they hold for particular people and those who have the most contact with young people. The students can take help from Irish academic writers for developing an outstanding academic essay paper.

The professionals of Ireland have centered on the concept of children as individual right holders in the country. Children with disabilities are one of the excluded groups in society, and several factors contribute to discrimination and lack of adequate policies. Along with it, the associated concerns regarding statutory responsibility and family autonomy as the fundamental unit group of society. The Irish community has made tremendous progress in grasping the experience of children suffering from disabilities and safeguarding their rights. The students who ask can you write my essay can take help from professional writers of Ireland.

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How to encourage the participation of children with disabilities in social activities?

  • A child who has a disability can face a lack of education and insufficient tools. It becomes necessary to remove social and cultural barriers from the life of children with disabilities and encourage personal autonomy.
  • The child can get encouragement to participate in social activities by overcoming the legal barriers. Irish community provides careful attention to the provisions and rules which allow overcoming the perpetuate barrier and focus on academic skills.
  • Generally, the child with disabilities lacks participation in public forums which results in lower development. Children being invisible should get the motivation to overcome the challenges and as a result, benefit from humanitarian and development response.
  • Children with disabilities can experience more violence as compared to non-disabled children. Stigma and prejudice act as barriers for the child suffering from disabilities due to which they find it difficult to go to school. However, healthcare should encourage children to participate in the community.

What are the rights of children with disabilities in Ireland?

The state parties of Ireland can take all the necessary measures to ensure that all children with disabilities enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms. The adoption of a social model approach to disability helps the Irish professionals to carry out a vision of participation among children with disabilities. The rights contained in CRC are indivisible as well as integrated, which can have an impact on children with disabilities.

The rights of protection and provision are rooted as a concern for the survival of children with disabilities. However, participation rights depend on the functioning protection possibility and provide reasons for children. The versions of traditional and political rights determine protection and decision-making skills among the child with a disability.

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Sample assignment on the rights of children with disabilities

Title: How participation rights beneficial for children with disabilities?

Participation rights can have both social as well as political aspects on children with disabilities. The child can be encouraged to engage in society and other democratic processes. It is easy to apply the participation rights to parental and other decision-makers dealing with children suffering from disabilities. According to rights to privacy, it is beneficial to support primary participation rights according to which all children have the right to freedom from discrimination.

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