Rural Resource Development Sample Essay

Educational attainment, health, income level, ethnicity, and employment impact the ability of people to meet their basic needs and access health services. Safe housing, clean water, food, and many more are some of the essential things that require staying healthy.

However, rural residents experience some of the contributing factors such as poverty that impact health. The impact of poverty, immigration, and homelessness can be multifaceted by the barriers present in rural areas. The students asking to write my essay for me can take help from professional assignment writers of Ireland.

Most of the rural residents face barriers related to food, transportation, water, housing, and other essential needs to stay healthy and safe. The circumstances in which people living in rural areas grow up or live put them in place to deal with illness.

Rural homelessness is an economic problem and it has become necessary to first examine the nature and then its causes. However, certain problems are shaped by a wider set of forces which include social policies, economics, and politics. The students of Ireland who are not able to prepare their homework can pay someone to get assignments done in a short time.

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How to cut poverty and unemployment in rural communities?

The different policy choices in Ireland can bring different outcomes. If the government invests in policies and certain jobs to enhance economic security then it becomes easy to cut unemployment from the nation. There are some of the efficient steps which can cut poverty and boost up the employment:

  • Create a well-paying job: To enhance job growth, the government should invest in effective strategies such as developing renewable energy sources and making suitable investments in creating jobs. Moreover, to help the unemployed and rural workers to enter the labor force, it is essential to rebuild the infrastructure and promote economic strategy.
  • Support equity in pay-scale: Some action must be taken to ensure equal pay for equal work. With suitable guidelines and closing the gender wage gap, it becomes easy to cut poverty for working women. In addition to it, passing the act which holds employers accountable for equal salary practices would be a beneficial step in the progress of rural resource development.
  • Establish working schedule: Many of rural workers struggle to balance erratic working hours with family care. The changing work schedules make accessing childcare quite difficult and leave workers uncertain about their monthly income. That is why; focusing on the regular working schedules provides guaranteed payments to the rural area workers and allows them to balance work and family.

What are the relevant strategies efficient to tackle homelessness?

The funded programs aim to reduce homelessness, which is helpful to tackle the situation of most vulnerable long-term homelessness people. With the help of some national programs, voluntary organizations and municipalities have provided housing services for rural homeless people.

By improving the additional services offered by the national government, it becomes easy to help homeless people. It is an ethical duty to provide a decent environment and living standard to rural homeless people.

Reducing or tackling homelessness is an economical rational attempt that reduces social as well as healthcare costs.

Though for some people, a safe or lease apartment is enough support, however, some people need various additional support measures to handle daily lives. In Ireland, there is a wide variety of healthcare and social welfare services which support people to meet their basic needs.

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Sample essay on rural resource development

Title: How do unemployment and poverty impact health in rural areas?

Undoubtedly, rural areas have higher poverty rates as compared to urban areas. Poverty is an unending problem, which affects the health of many people living in rural communities. Moreover, poverty acts as a barrier due to which some people are not capable to pay for healthcare services and meet basic life needs. It causes stress and thus influences long-term health consequences such as blood pressure, depression, and other health issues.

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