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Health and Safety Management Principles Policy Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall discuss the explanation of health and safety at the workplace and principles of good health and safety management policy.

A good health and safety practice of management in an organization can be ensured through several ways. It covers various aspects of health and safety at the workplace. It includes the health and safety policy at the workplace or company.

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There are many initiatives for the prevention of accidents and illness in the organization with the help of safe practices, procedures, and development of the occupational safety and health policy.

Many organizations have to struggle with the management of the worker’s safety and health standards and may not be able to provide a positive safety culture at all levels. They can follow some very essential principles for the management of the worker’s engagement in safe practices at work.

Such safety standards need to be adequate and not necessarily expensive and a safer workplace environment can be created with the help of it.

Risk assessment techniques can be really beneficial for ensuring the health and safety of the employees and staff. An effective health and safety management requires good leadership skills, workforce involvement, regular assessment, and review. The risks need to be dealt with adequately and properly to ascertain effective health and safety management system.

Principles of the Health and Safety Management Policy

We will discuss in this sample some of the essential principles of health and safety management system in the organization and they are:-

  • To ensure safe and secure health safety practice there should be no communication gap between one stage and the other. Health and safety must be an important agenda in the office meetings which should be communicated to every staff of the organization.

The flow of the communication must be towards down where even the lowest level of staff should also be informed about health and safety policies.

  • Health and safety is an important element of business decisions in the organization and it must be taken in integration with it. Any changes need to be made to reduce the risks associated with such decisions.
  • Workers in an organization carry out many business processes and even faces risks related to their work.

They can easily identify any such risks and dangers in the organization related to operational and administrative functions and can even devise possible solutions to them.

The personal involvement of workers in any issue can reduce the risk of failures and dangers during operational processes.

  • Leadership is an important skill whenever an effective health and safety system needs to be enforced. The leader helps in the demonstration of the commitment of safety management. He guides supervise and directs his workers towards safe health and work practices.
  • Workplace health and safety can be ensured with the help of advanced technological changes, new equipment and procedures can also be adopted.

Advice from any competent advisor or a specialist or taking additional training can ensure access to the workplace health and safety measures and information.

  • The health and safety information on issues must be communicated well on time to the upward management level. It must be raised in front of those authorities who can easily resolve these issues.

If there are other methods of reporting problems, giving feedback or report to the system and can even tame necessary actions in response of it. Reporting of issues encourages others to also further report the same issue and improve the ongoing process.

  • Risk needs to be first identified before it can be managed. These hazards must be identified and controlled with risk assessment techniques. Risk can be managed with the help of a proper plan of assessment.
  • The performance of employees or any information must be regularly monitored, reported, and reviewed. It must record and assess the information of risks and incidental data so that there will be a consistent improvement in health and safety management.

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The above essay sample mentions the health and safety management principles policy in the workplace.

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