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Essay writing Example on Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

Sexual child abuse covers a wide range of illegal sexual activities, which include taking or distributing sexual images of children, engaging in any kind of sexual activity, inappropriate sexual touching of a child, and many more. Several signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in children suggest that parents need to guide their children. Sexual abuse can cause physical as well as mental pain. The effects of sexual abuse can last for a long time on the child. Many times, the sexual abuser is the one whom the child knows or trusts the most. The students of Ireland who ask write my essay for me can take help from well-experienced Irish writers.

Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse Essay Example

Often children do not discuss sexual abuse with anyone because they think it is their fault. Even sometimes, the sexual abuser convinces them that it is normal and that they should keep it a secret. It becomes essential for the parents to talk about sexual abuse symptoms with their children and tell them how they can overcome the situation. Parents should report what their child has told them and explain what their child can do next. Sexually abused children start behaving secretive, but they often drop some hints or clues about sexual abuse. The students can take help from expert Irish writers to finish the assignment on time.

Signs of Sexual abuse

  • Sexually inappropriate behavior: Children who have been sexually abused start behaving in inappropriate ways. Even the child can start using sexually explicit language when they are sexually abused.
  • Behavioral changes: The child suffering from sexual abuse starts behaving aggressively. The parents can observe the signs of withdrawal and clinginess within their child. Moreover, the child finds difficulties while sleeping and start wetting the bed if they are suffering due to criminal sexual abuse.
  • Avoiding the abuser: The child can become afraid of a particular person due to fear of getting sexually abused again. Children can ignore others and prefer to spend their time alone.
  • Physical problems: The child can develop various health problems due to sexual abuse. The diseases like soreness in anal areas, sexually transmitted infections, and many more start developing among sexually abused children.
  • Problems at school: A sexually abused child can have difficulty learning or concentrating in school. Pollachi’s sexual abuse case resulted in a drop in the academic grades of the child.

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Symptoms of sexual abuse

  1. Sexual behaviour that is inappropriate for the children’s age
  2. Statements made by a child which suggest they are sexually abused
  3. Sexually transmitted infection
  4. Inappropriate sexual contact with other children

Physical signs of aggravated criminal sexual abuse can include bruises, pains, discharge, bleeding, and even pregnancy. Changes in the eating habits of a child indicate that something disgusting has happened to them. Sexual abuse can result in self-harm due to which parents need to know the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse to help their children.

Example of signs and symptoms of sexual abuse essay Ireland

Title: What are the effects of sexual abuse?

Undoubtedly, sexual abuse can cause severe emotional as well as physical harm to children. The child can suffer from short-term and long-term effects of sexual abuse. Children who have been sexually abused may suffer from health-related issues such as physical injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and some unwanted problems like pregnancies.

In addition to it, the long-term effects of different types of sexual abuse include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety. People who have been sexually abused are likely to self-harm. Sexually abused children can involve in misuse drugs, criminal behavior, and can even commit suicide. Moreover, sexual abuse can raise relationship problems with friends and family members.

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