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Emotional Abuse( Signs and Symptoms) – Example Essay Idea

Emotional and mental abuse involves the attempts of a person to control, isolate, and frighten others, which can affect the self-esteem of anyone. The emotional abuser can be a friend, family member, caretaker, or anyone. The form of emotional abuse in relationships can be threats, statements, or harsh actions that impact the regularity of behavior. It is essential to identify the patterns of mental abuse, which can take place in different relationships, including families and business partnerships. By taking help from expert assignment makers, the students can submit an effective essay in front of their teachers.

Emotional Abuse( Signs and Symptoms) - Example Essay Idea

Emotional degradation definition means monitoring another’s whereabouts. Abusive people can make decisions or cancel others’ decisions without even asking them. People who are managing can make demands or orders on others. Moreover, abusive people can manipulate the fears of people to control them. By withholding affection or making others undeserving of love, emotional abusers can punish for behavior.  The students can ask to write me an essay to professional writers for finishing their assignments on time.

Types of emotional abuse

  • Humiliation:

Many times, the actions, or words of the emotional abuser serve no purpose except to humiliate others. Yelling and screaming can make others feel small. Abusive people try to expose secrets and make fun of the shortcomings of others in front of the public. Even emotional abuse parents can cheat on their partners to humiliate them. Jokes can be a way for comedic release only if people enjoy it. However, abusive people mask their offensive remarks in the form of sarcasm. Nicknames can be normal in relationships, but a name that can hurt others is unacceptable.

  • Blame:

Abusive people have a sense of insecurity, and by blaming others, they do not have to feel their failures. People who are emotional abusers feel jealous of others’ success and thus try to turn the tables on others by blaming them for issues occurring. The signs and symptoms of financial abuse show that an abusive person knows how to make others angry. Abusive people can accuse others of cheating on them regularly.

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  • Unpredictability:

Drastic mood swings and emotional outbursts are common tactics of abusive people. Often abusive people can make a statement that contradicts others and make others feel that they cannot get success. Unpredictable behaviors of subtle emotional abuse include gaslighting, which enables people to make others that they do not remember the situation correctly.

  • Shame:

Internalizing emotional abuse makes others feel shame for their failures and shortcomings. If an abusive person is not able to do what they want, then it can outburst their angry behavior. Abusive people can leave a situation instead of resolving it. They can blame other people and make them feel ashamed in front of others. If anyone wants to talk about their issues, then an abusive person can criticize them.

What are the signs and symptoms of emotional abuse?

  1. Loss of self-esteem and confidence
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety
  4. Loss of interest in school activities
  5. Social withdrawal or enthusiasm
  6. Lack of developmental skills
  7. Delayed emotional development
  8. Avoidance of certain situations
  9. Lack of appropriate attention for psychological and medical problems

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Essay writing sample on signs and symptoms of emotional abuse

Title: Is it possible to treat emotional abuse?

It is essential to take action toward stepping away from people who are emotional abusers. The individuals can set boundaries with the abusive people, and by changing priorities, it is easy to stop humiliation. Abusive people can manipulate the sense of sympathy of others and neglect them. That is why; any individual who feels that they are in an abusive emotional situation can develop a plan through an emotional abuse test to get out of an abusive situation. Moreover, working with individuals who support them can encourage people to feel stronger and help them to take the right actions.

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