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SMART Goals Approach Essay Sample 

This essay sample shall focus upon the SMART Goals approach, ways to use this approach along with examples illustrating the relevant points.

A goal is the collective objectives or culmination of the smaller goals to achieve the ultimate goal or result. Every person who is living has a goal in his life.

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Every company or business organization has it’s business goals, employees working in such companies have their personal career-related goal.

Goals provide a sense of clarity in thoughts, direction, motivation, focus, and determination. Goals provide a target or aim to be achieved by a person or union of people working under an organization.

Setting up goals is very vital for achieving the tasks following the goal. It provides guidance to the people in making efforts in the right direction to achieve the goal.

What are the SMART Goals? 

SMART Goals are the well-established tool that helps in increasing the chances of achieving the goal by helping one focus on achieving the tasks through effective methods and efforts.

People spend their time shifting from one job to another for the purpose of achieving more in life but end up achieving very little.

But when one sets up the SMART goal, it is to improve the chances of achieving goals through an effective effort, optimum utilization of resources, managing time, and having clarity of plan.

Ways to use SMART Goals

‘SMART’ word stands for ‘S’ for Specific, ‘M’ for Measurable, ‘A’ for Achievable, ‘R’ for Relevant or Realistic, and ‘T’ for Timely.

The word ‘SMART’ was first used in the November issue of ‘Management Review’ by George T. Doran.

Professor Robert S. Rubin wrote about SMART in an article called ‘The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.’

SMART Goals 

(1) Specific – The Goals must be specific in terms, well defined, determined, and significant by nature. Goals must have clarity and be nonambiguous otherwise achievement of goal through task completion becomes impossible.

It includes questions like –

  • What is the need or purpose of achieving the goal?
  • What is the importance of achieving the goal?
  • Who all are and can be involved in the process of achieving the goal?
  • What resources are required to achieve the goal and for task accomplishment?

Example of the specific goal

(1) A person making a statement that ‘i want to be fit’ is a general statement or goal. While a person saying that ‘I want to attend the yoga classes to be in shape and to achieve the best of my health’. It is a specific goal of a person.

(2) If a person is working as an executive in the marketing department. His specific goal is to gain knowledge, skills and work experience to become the marketing head of the company and to have a brilliant career.

(2) Measurable – It is the criteria to measure the progress and the performance of a person in making efforts towards achieving the goal.

Goals are being measured to keep a track of the progress in work, helps in maintaining focus, staying motivated, and in meeting the deadlines. It helps to understand the credibility of a person’s progress and to assess how far is he from achieving his goal.

It includes questions like –

  • How much progress has been done and what all has been achieved so far?
  • How to understand that the final goal has been achieved?
  • What would be the indicator of progress?
  • Example of a measurable goal

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(1) The person who aimed to achieve fitness and health have joined the yoga classes. He can measure his scale of progress by changing his diet, checking weight regularly, attending classes regularly along with checking the health reports.

These are some of the ways to measure your health and progress towards achieving the fitness goal.

(2) When one achieves all the required skills and takes up all the necessary coaching and classes to gain knowledge and also have executive professional experience in the marketing field.

It will count as measuring and assessing the progress in achieving the goal to become the marketing head.

(3) Achievable – Goals must be certain, realistic, and be achievable in nature by utilizing resources and by availing of the opportunities.

It includes questions like –

  • Methods or ways to achieve the goal?
  • Does a person have enough resources to attain or achieve the goal?
  • How achievable and realistic is the goal in itself by taking into consideration other factors affecting the goal? That could include any financial constraints as well.
  • Has anybody achieved this goal in the past?

Example of an achievable goal

When a person who has the goal to become the head of the marketing department. If he develops his skills and gain knowledge and get field experience. He may think that will all these skills help in achieving his goal? Will the coaching turn out to be helpful in achieving the goal? Do i have enough resources to complete the coaching? Is it a realistic and achievable goal or not?

(4) Relevant – A goal must be relevant, result-oriented, research-based, and be resourceful. It must be well within the reach or access of a person and must serve some real purpose in life. It provides support and assistance in achieving the goal by having control over them.

It includes questions like –

  • Is the goal worthful in my life? Will that serve any purpose in my life and growth?
  • Does the goal recognize my efforts? Will my effort does not go in vain?
  • How appropriate is the goal according to the current scenario and will I be able to achieve this?

Example of a relevant goal

Person aiming to become the marketing head asks questions to himself and does introspection of his thoughts. Whether this is the right time and am i the right person to achieve this goal? Do i need these specific skills to achieve the goal? If i invest my spare time in taking coaching will my personal life be affected as a result of it?

(5) Time-bound – Goal setting and its achievement must be targeted within a specific time frame. It must be achieved by the time that is being fixed for it. It is called effective time management.

It includes questions like –

  • By when to achieve the goal?
  • How much can be achieved in the next six months?
  • How much can I progress in the next six weeks towards achieving my goal?
  • What can be the possible achievement for today?

Example of a time bound goal

The questions that will be considered by the person aiming to be head of marketing department. How much time will be required to complete the coaching? Will the coaching be over before the exams starts? How much time is required to achieve the smaller goals to be able to achieve the final goal?

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The above sample mentions the SMART goals approach and ways to use the approach.

Strategic Management and Planning QQI, Business Administration QQI Level 5, Human Resource Management Recruitment QQI Level 5, Event Management QQI Level 5, Business Management QQI Level 5, Supervisory Management QQI Level 6 students can refer to this sample to understand the concept of SMART goals in management.

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