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Social Entrepreneurship Essay Example Ireland

The concept of Social entrepreneurship is modern and it is becoming popular by the day. More and more sectors are showing interest in social entrepreneurship.

Many may question why social entrepreneurship has become popular. This is because social entrepreneurs attract common people because of the way they think, ideate, and succeed in creating innovative products or services despite all odds.

Social Entrepreneurship Essay Sample Ireland

Many believe that social entrepreneurs bring positive changes to society and thereby benefit society at large.

This essay discusses the concept of social entrepreneurship and it also talks about the social entrepreneurial types, characteristics, and benefits.

Social Entrepreneurship

The term social entrepreneurship is all about identifying the social issues and obtaining a change in society by setting up entrepreneurial processes, principles as well as operations. Social entrepreneurship leads to social ventures.

Examples of social ventures include foundations for child rights within Ireland, plants for the process of recycling and treatment of garbage, and foundations for women empowerment in Ireland.

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Therefore, one can say that social entrepreneurship is all about understanding as also pursuing opportunities to create social value. It can be said that social entrepreneurs are resourceful, they are innovative, and very much result-oriented.

Social entrepreneurs are known to ideate so that people living in the society can use them and make society a better place.

Besides, social entrepreneurs have the objective to create efficient individuals who can motivate the masses so that they can develop notions, strategies as well as solutions to fix social issues.

Types of social entrepreneurship

There are as many as 4 types of social entrepreneurs and they are as follows:-

A social entrepreneur at the community level

This type of social entrepreneur entrepreneurship addresses the social requirements of a community. That community can be within a small geographical region. The objective of community-level social entrepreneurs is to create employment opportunities for underprivileged sections of society. They also offer financial support to very poor members of society.

Social entrepreneurs who act for non-profit causes

These types of social entrepreneurs focus on non-material gains and they focus on social causes. These types of social entrepreneurs emphasize social wellbeing instead of business requirements.

The social entrepreneurs that help to bring about transformations in the society

Often it happens that businesses and governments are not able to meet the social needs of the people in the society. Then such types of social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship develop businesses that address the social requirements of the people in the society.

The social entrepreneurs who act globally

These types of entrepreneurs are known to alter the social systems to meet important social requirements on a global scale. Global social entrepreneurs are often big concerns who realize their respective social responsibilities and hence work for bringing positive changes in society.

Characteristics of social entrepreneurship

There are several vital attributes of a social entrepreneur and this section of the essay provides information about the same.

Healthy impatience

Social entrepreneurs like to change society in the right manner. However, they become impatient because of a lack of political will among people, and bureaucratic issues.

Passion and zeal while handling projects

The social entrepreneurs show passion and zeal while handling various short-term or long-term projects.

The will to alter others

An attribute that is common among social entrepreneurs is the will to change the people who are working with them.

Commitment to upgrade social welfare

Social entrepreneurs are very much committed to changing society at large for the better.


Social entrepreneurs like innovation and they prefer working with the latest technology they also want to find new and innovative ways to produce and deliver quality goods or services.

Practicality while resolving issues

The social entrepreneurs do not have a profit motive but still, they are attentive to budget and doing financial planning.

Risk-taking attitudes

In social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs like to take risks.

Philanthropic attitude

Social entrepreneurs have a philanthropic attitude. Whatever profits they generate, they tend to distribute them to the underprivileged sections of society.

Lacking megalomania

Social entrepreneurs are very much attentive to their cause.

Work in teams

Social entrepreneurs prefer to work and perform as a team.

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Benefits of social entrepreneurship

This section of the essay features the benefits of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is known to make the world an ideal place. Social entrepreneurs don’t care about money but they often use their profits to attain people-centered objectives.

Social entrepreneurship is known to provide society with positive solutions at times when they need them the most.  The good thing in becoming a social entrepreneur is the fact that you can then bring about positive changes within the society and you can also upgrade the quality of life of the people who are part of the society.

It can be said that social entrepreneurs can develop innovative solutions for the betterment of society. These professionals also inspire others in society to act similarly.

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