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QQI Level 5 Social Justice Principles 5N2708 Assignment Sample 

In the following essay sample, we shall discuss the course of Social Justice Principles 5N2708 which is a QQI Level 5 course. This award is granted to the learners to polish their skills, competence, and knowledge to incorporate a social justice dimension into their work with a specific target group.

QQI Level 5 Social Justice Principles 5N2708 Assignment Sample 

Course Title – Social Justice Principles

Code – 5N2708

Level – 5

Award Type – Minor

Purpose of Social Justice Principles Course

The purpose of this course is to teach the principles of social justice which can be applied in every part of the society whether education, employment, social care setting, healthcare etc.

Some of the principles of social justice include equity, access, human rights, and participation.

The principles can be applied to the issues in relation to the voting discrimination, discrimination in employment, access to education, disability discrimination etc.

Students will also learn about the Social Justice Ireland that how it has advanced the lives of the Irish people and communities through social anaysis and sustainability for every member of the society.

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Learning Outcomes of Social Justice Principles 5N2708 Course

  • Learners will be able to identify the core social principles which ensures social justice work to identify the differences between one principle from another.

It will help them in understanding that which principle can be applied in the relevant sector of particular organization.

  • Students can explore strengths and weaknesses of an individual action and collective action of many individuals. They can very much analyze the impact of globalization on specific groups within local communities in a society.
  • Developing a plan for specific target group to include the group and individual needs and using any appropriate techniques and methods for working in such a group.

Reflecting upon practice and competency to incorporate social justice work and developing a strategy to deal with the social issues.

  • Identifying the power structures and potential of an individual to influence them includes the role of self-empowerment in creating to address the social issues related to justice.
  • Implementation of practice under a social justice programme while trying to address the social justice issues within a specific target group.
  • Learners can suggest an aim, objective, and learning outcome of an interactive session of work within the target group.
  • Learners can analyze the social actions and social justice issues from different perspectives and use a range of vocabulary and terms used in social justice work.
  • Investigating the connections between the different identified social justice issues.
  • They can apply methods to agree, measure, and recognize the achievement of a specific group that is involved in social work or action.
  • They can understand that how politics, economics and latest technology can contribute to the current inequalities of the specific groups in the society.
  • This particular course will teach the learners about Social Justice Ireland. The programme of Social Justice Ireland works to ensure that every member of society develops and flourishes in a sustainable manner.

All the vulnerable groups in society are provided with special care and assistance. It promotes the concept of an inclusive society where the rights and responsibilities of each member is taken into consideration. Many appropriate solutions are provided to address the issues at all levels.

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Assessment Techniques in Social Justice Principles 5N2708 Course 

The learners in order to display their knowledge, skills, talent and competence after learning this course needs to display these through completion of such assessments.

The assessor needs to devise certain instruments for the assessment of the student’s knowledge, skills, performance, and competence. All such assessments must be done in accordance with the programme assessment strategy which is developed as a part of programme submission for validation.

Such assessment techniques are meant for assessing the learning outcomes of the programme. There might be some alternative assessment techniques for the programme validation.

Assessment of components can be integrated across programmes for delivery. Group or teamwork can also be a part of the assessment to analyze the achievement of the learner. Assessment plans shall be submitted by the providers for programme validation. Such plans include information relating to scheduling and integration of assessment.

Such assessment instruments can be in the form of examination papers, assignments, projects, and essay briefs. Such assessment will help in making the marsheets of the learners.

All the learning outcomes can be assessed and achieved according to the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the programme.

A project will hold 50% of the assessment value while a learner record will hold value of another 50% assessment .

Project is carried out for a long extented period of time which is involving an adequate amount of research, process of task design, research and investigation of a particular topic or practical field activity or performance in an event.

Learner record is a self reflection or self report of a learner’record which helps him to assess his own performance describing the experiences, skills, response and activities of learner etc.

Grading system will be 50%-64% (pass), 65%-79% (merit) and 80%-100% (distinction).

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The above-written essay sample mentions the Social Justice Principles 5N2708 Course.

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