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Social Protection in Ireland Essay Sample 

This essay sample shall discuss the social protection schemes for the Irish people, the social welfare system in Ireland, and the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection in Ireland.

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The Social Protection Department is a department in Ireland which is responsible for administrating the social welfare system.

This government department is responsible for effective delivery of social payments, insurance, and social assistance schemes for the unemployed youth, carers, widow, old and retired age group, illness and maternity.

These social benefits can be made available to the people in Ireland through universal payments, means-tested payment,s, and social insurance.

There are family schemes for the protection of the people in Ireland according to the specific rules and circumstances.

There is a range of employment schemes and supports as well for the long term unemployed people. For any social assistance payment, one needs to be an Irish resident.

Social Welfare System in Ireland 

In Ireland, if one needs any social welfare benefits can get access to Personal Public Service (PPS) number to get public services and information.

There is also public services card for providing the free travel pass and social services of the Department of Social Protection.

Christmas Bonus (2020) is given to the people who have been getting long term social benefit of payment and covered under Covid 19 Unemployment Payment.

Social Insurance Payment 

The people who can apply for the social insurance payments are the ones who meet the conditions of social insurance contribution condition (PSRI) and some other circumstantial conditions.

Such conditions may vary as the payment to which one person has applied to. The employers and the employees from the age 16 to under 66 age must pay PRSI into the national Social Insurance Fund.

Payments based on the social insurance contributions include Maternity Benefit, Carer’s Benefit, Illness Benefit, State Pension, and Jobseekers Benefits.

Means-Tested Payments

People who do not have enough contribution to PRSI and is not qualified enough for the social insurance payments can get the means-tested payment.

The Means Tested Payment is conducted by the Department of Social Protection which closely examines and evaluates the source of income of a person whether it falls within certain criteria or below.

How much a person could have or not have depends upon payment that one applies for is called the ‘income disregards’.

For example

Person getting unemployed applies for the Jobseekers Benefit but fails to comply with the provisions of it as he does not have sufficient social insurance contributions (PSRI).

Such a person can apply for the Jobseekers Allowance(JA) in place of the Jobseekers Benefit(JB) which is a payment made equivalent to Means Tested Payment.

Universal Payment 

Universal Payment is made to the person irrespective of his income and social insurance contribution. They must have some dependants to claim from them. For example – Child Benefit.

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The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection in Ireland 

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection in Ireland is responsible for any social security policy and schemes of social welfare payments.

Social welfare payments must satisfy the rules of each scheme and policy. For getting any social assistance a person needs to be a habitual resident of Ireland.

The habitually resident can be examined through criteria which include length and continuance of Irish residency, the purpose of absence from Ireland, interest, and intention to live in Ireland, and nature and pattern of job or employment.

Jobseekers Benefits 

People who are below 66 years age and is either fully unemployed or unemployed for four days in a week. Such a person must be capable to work and is seeking for some genuine job or employment opportunity and have enough Social Insurance Contributions (PSRI).

Jobseekers Allowance 

Such a person who is entitled to the Jobseekers Allowance must be a habitually resident in Ireland and have either exhausted his entitlement or not qualified for Jobseekers Benefit.

He must be capable to work and must genuinely look for employment between the age of 18 to 66 and must satisfy the means test.

Disability Allowance 

Disability Allowance is a weekly allowance that is given to a disabled person who is in this condition for at least one year. He must be from 16 to 66 years of age, a habitual resident in Ireland, and satisfy the means test.

Such a person through his personal doctor must get his medical report prepared along with an application which is to be reviewed by the Department’s Medical Assessors.

Maternity Benefit

The Maternity Benefit is given to the women who are in their pregnancy and are covered by the social insurance contribution (PSRI).

A paid maternity leave of 26 weeks is given to the working woman who is pregnant. Further 16 weeks of unpaid maternity leave is provided immediately after the 26 weeks of paid maternity leave is over.

Child Benefit

A child benefit is given to the parents or guardians if children are below 16 years of age or 18 years of age in case of full-time education or if the child is disabled or under training.

The frontier worker and his family could get benefits from the country of employment even if he is a regular resident of some other EU state.

One-Parent Family Payment 

Both men and women below the age of 66 who are bringing up their children single-handedly by fulfilling certain conditions and have satisfied the means test is given one-parent family payment.

Carer’s Allowance 

Carer Allowance is a weekly allowance that is given to the carer who needs to give full-time care and attention to a person.

Carer Benefit is provided to the one who has taken leave from the job to care for a person who is in need of regular care and attention.

Illness Benefit

Illness or Sickness Benefits are the weekly allowance that is given to the insured people who cannot work due to sickness. Such a person below the age of 66 must be covered by PSRI and satisfying it’s conditions.

Supplementary Welfare Allowance

Such an allowance is given to a person who is habitually resident and do not have enough to meet the needs.

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance 

This scheme is for long term unemployed people to take up self-employment opportunities allowing them to retain a portion of social welfare payment.

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The above sample mentions the social protection in Ireland and welfare schemes to protect the people.

Social Analysis QQI Level 5, Applied Social Studies QQI Level 5, Social Care QQI Level 5, Childhood Social, Legal and Health Studies QQI Level 6, The Healthcare Support Course QQI Level 5, Major Award students can read this sample to make themselves aware of social protection schemes in Ireland.

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