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Social Psychological Theories & Behaviour Change Assignment Sample

This article is going to be an interesting description of the topic “Social Psychological Theories & Behavior Change”. Students often study Psychology, Sociology subjects in their graduation, and post-graduation degrees, under the set of QQI courses in Ireland. Now, for them, it is necessary to understand the theories related to social psychology. And, also, the impact of these theories on the behaviour of people.

Social Psychological Theories & Behaviour Change Assignment Sample

Basically, under psychology, the student analyzes the social, behavioural changes, and emotions of an individual. But, sociology deals with analyzing a group of people, society, their behavioural aspects, etc. Now, several theories work in close proximity to examining the behavioural changes in individuals and society.

In this article we shall be discussing 3 most important Social Psychological Theories namely:

1. Social Cognitive Theory:

Social cognitive theory is based on a hypothesis that the behavioural changes of an individual are driven by environmental changes and vice-versa. In fact, according to this theory, the two things reciprocate. A person’s thoughts change by changing the environment around him. Whereas a changed mind influences the surroundings and brings further changes.

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2. Theory of Reasoned Action:

This theory basically works on the intention of an individual to perform a particular behaviour. These intentions are also affected by the environment, social circle, and peers. Thus, whether or not a particular behavioural change will happen or not depends upon the intention of the individual to bring the exactness of that change.

3. Theory of Planned Behavior:

The theory of Planned Behavior is an extension of the theory of reasoned action. It states that though the behavioural outcomes are driven by the intentions of the person to bring those results, yet there are many other factors that affect the result. Therefore, it totally depends upon the individual how much amount of self-control does he possess. This control will help him in bringing the same behavioural changes as a result.

Furthermore, one of the most important elements or parts of all the above Social Psychological Theories is Self-Efficacy. This means how much capacity an individual possesses to undergo any difficult task and succeed in it. For example, coming out of depression, undergoing major surgery, and recovering from it. Thus, the behavioural outcomes of the individual will be dependent upon the amount of positivity he possesses.

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What is Behaviour Changes?

The changes in the behaviour of an individual are affected by a number of factors. Some of the important influences include emotional factors, environmental factors, personal behaviour of the individuals, etc. Now, a question may arise what is the need of studying the behavioural changes. In many different fields like health, criminal dealing, and education, understanding the various behavioural aspects becomes important. It helps in the formulation of better strategies in bringing improvement in these fields.


We hope that after reading this article you will be clear about the “Social Psychological Theories & Behavior Change”. Also, these theories have a big role to play in the real world. Many sectors like health, defense, etc. bring changes after studying basic human behaviour. Also, if you find difficulty in dealing with any topic or assignment writing, you can take assistance from our professional writers.

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