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Acknowledge factors promoting social stratification and inequality in society

The students of Ireland need to compare and contrast the various theories of social stratification. Along with it, the students need to measure the derived issues related to social stratification and inequality in society. It is efficient for the students to describe the social inequalities which get reflected in Irish society by comparing them with advanced industrial societies.

The students, while preparing for the article writing on social stratification in the community, need to discuss the evidence for theories of social inequalities issues.  It is efficient to identify the policy and discuss the implication of research findings involved in the research of social stratification.

Acknowledge factors promoting social stratification and inequality in society

Social stratification refers to the sociological phenomena in which people in society get placed in different ranks according to their economic conditions. Generally, there are people with normal standards and high standards. The students have to identify the theories and practical points involved in social stratification while preparing for article writing.

The difference in the economic characteristics of the person leads to the domination of the power group from person to person. With the help of the article writing on social stratification, the students can leave a substantial impact on the minds of the readers. In addition to it, the students can characterize social stratification according to the significant principles while writing an academic article.

A conceptual model for inequalities and social stratification in society

A conceptual model of social stratification has considerable measurement techniques along with ideological biases. The students need to identify the proper factors responsible for social stratification and inequalities in society. There are some of the top sociologists who hold on to the traditional techniques of reflecting the social inequalities.

The students need to maintain the definitions which are clear, straightforward, and self-explanatory as well. The academic article writing on social stratification demands the precise nature of society toward social stratification.

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  • Power, prestige, and education are some of the significant issues which highlight the social stratification and inequalities in society. The students need to reflect on the improper educational system and improper use of power in the article writing for social stratification academic tasks.
  • The status of the family plays a critical role in determining social stratification theories and social inequalities. The class occupied by the specific family in society defines the reputation in the entire society. Family, as well as ethnic position, needs to get reflected by the students while preparing for social stratification articles.
  • A certain level of education grounds may not be secure if the money does not accompany it. It is one of the significant issues which reflect social inequalities and social stratification. It has become crucial to reflect such problems accurately for ensuring excellent article writing.
  • Power, as the vital issue of social stratification, can exist in two diverse forms, namely legitimate and illegitimate. The students can show the relationship between the overuse of power and social stratification.
  • There are some professions like law, doctorate, professors, and many more, which are given a high level of priority over others due to their association with money. It is not welfare for the society and the rights of humans as well. Therefore the students can point out the factors which encourage social stratification and discrimination among individuals.
  • The variability of occupations depends on social values. Many individuals demand a proper societal setting along with reference values. It is practical to highlight those crucial factors in the article writing on social stratification.
  • Income or wealth also plays a vital role in social stratification and inequality in society. Various business and professional positions in society get varied according to occupational opportunities. Some of the social and economic factors also become part of the inequalities occurring in society.

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The sociological view of inequality and social stratification in society

Various sociologists have different opinions and views on social stratification. Unequal distribution of human resources, along with limited mobility, becomes some of the factors of social stratification. Along with it, the students of Ireland need to point to some other views through which the readers can understand the theory behind social stratification. Inequality in society is generally based on the way people get related to the factors of production.

Generally, it can have two classifications in which one is the owner of the production and others who work as labor for the owner of the production. It arises one of the significant issues of social inequalities. The students have to analyze the crucial information while writing about the social stratification article.

The social-structural phenomena related to the influence in society affect the lives of many individuals. It can include lineage affiliations, kinship, and affiliations. There are some cultural factors which include religious norms, legal practices, scientific ideas, and many more, which become the reason for social stratification.

The students of Ireland have to prepare a specific note on social stratification and inequalities in society. However, the fact is that social stratification has become a multidimensional issue in today’s society. It is beneficial for the students to include practical information like ideological and methodological differences while preparing for the social stratification article.

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