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SPED186 Introduction to Special Education Assignment Example Ireland

Various Irish legislation is enforced from time to time by the Irish government. And in this regard, the Special Education Needs act is also vital legislation in the Irish education sector and its objective is to educate the Irish students using resources in a manner that aptly addresses their disabilities and special requirements.

In short, it can be said that the aim of SPED 186 is to provide education to Irish kids having disabilities. This sample assignment discusses special education in brief. It also highlights the different objectives of educating kids with special requirements in Ireland.

SPED 186 Introduction to Special Education Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment sample further focuses on the organizations that are in support of special education in Ireland.

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Objectives of SPED186 Introduction to Special Education

The Special Education Needs Act is legislation in Ireland that came into effect in the year 2004 and it allows persons with disabilities to receive education within Ireland. This section of the assignment sample features the different objectives of SPED 186.

This act makes sure that pertinent information reaches the parents and guardians of the kids regarding the kid’s learning and development process.

The act also makes room for coordination and planning as far as education in Ireland is concerned and also integrates academic support with learning courses for kids with special requirements.

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Yet another objective of this act is to closely monitor as also review the process of learning for kids. The act also makes sure that the kid’s academic performance is properly assessed and evaluated.

This act also makes room for the preparation and implementation of a structured academic plan that is solely meant for kids with disabilities.

The act also informs the Irish education ministry about the needs and requirements of kids having disabilities. It helps to formulate academic policies keeping in consideration the Irish kids having disabilities.

The act also helps to perform research on kids with disabilities in Ireland. It also publishes pertinent problems and roles of the Irish education councils.

There is a post of a health service executive as far as the SPED act is concerned. The executive is responsible to provide health services to kids in Ireland. There is also a provision for providing speech and language therapy to Irish kids having disabilities under this act.

Vital decisions about kids with disabilities are taken after proper consultations with the healthcare as also education boards in Ireland.

This act makes way for the setting up of the national councils for special education.

Under this act, the special education appeals board is set up to provide settlement services, and mediation services outside the Irish courts to safeguard Irish kids’ special academic rights.

Duties of national councils of special education in Ireland

As discussed earlier that the councils for special education in Ireland are a part of the SPED/EPSEN act of 2004. This council was set up by the Irish Ministry of Education and sciences with the objective to better the delivery of academic services to Irish kids having disabilities.

This section of the assignment sample highlights the different functions and duties of the national councils of special education in Ireland and they are as follows:-

This council makes way for providing data to guardians and parents about the rights and privileges of Irish kids with special needs.

The council helps to adopt best practices so that the kids with disabilities in Ireland can be provided the best educational services. The council also helps to coordinate the services that are rendered to kids having disabilities.

The council also engages in consultations with the organization as also voluntary body to provide the best services.

The council has the right to administer academic institutions and thereby develop suitable teaching mechanisms for Irish kids having disabilities.

The council also reviews programs and provisions for Irish adults having disabilities.

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Organizations that support SPED

The assignment sample already discussed the national councils of special education and it also discussed how this entity supports SPED. Other Irish organizations are known to support the SPED act of 2004.

These organizations include the special educations needs organizers, the national educational psychological services of Ireland, and national councils for curriculums and assessments.

Each of the organizations that are mentioned in this section of the write-up has its functions. To know more about them, please visit relevant resources that are available on the internet.

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