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Essay sample on Speech Difficulties for college students

The act of speaking is one of the efficient ways in which people communicate their ideas, thoughts, and expressions. However, it requires the precise coordination of various body parts. Speech and language difficulties refer to an inability to produce specific sounds that convey suitable meaning to the listener. Many Irish students confuse speech difficulties with language disorders, but both terms have different consequences. Speech difficulties prevent children from forming correct speech sounds and make it difficult to express their thoughts. The students of Ireland who ask can anyone finish my assignment can take help from professional writers.

Essay sample on Speech Difficulties for college students

Speech difficulties can affect people of ages, and thus it can affect language skills and learning speech among children. The damage to the brain does not allow proper coordination between various regions of the brain. The long-term effects of speech can make children challenging to make the necessary speech sounds. Moreover, it becomes essential to diagnose the symptoms of speech difficulties, which can vary with the cause and severity of the disorder. The students can take help from Irish assignment makers for developing a knowledgeable essay paper.

Types of speech difficulties

  • Stuttering speech difficulties: It interrupts the flow of speech due to which people can suffer from repetitions and prolongations. Generally, recurrences occur when individuals unwillingly repeat vowels, sounds, or specific words. Moreover, stuttering speech difficulties can cause physical and behavioral symptoms such as rapid blinking, clenched fists, the tension in the face, and sudden head movements.
  • Apraxia Speech difficulties: The brain sends signals to different body structures that work together and allows individuals to produce speech. However, speech and language difficulties in primary school impair the motor skills of an individual, which can affect any body part. Even if a person knows which words to say then also, they are not able to produce speech correctly due to apraxia.

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  • Dysarthria Speech difficulties: The damage to the brain can cause muscle weakness in the chest, throat, lips, face, or tongue. Dysarthria is weakness in the body muscles due to which individuals find it difficult to speak. Children suffering from language and communication difficulties can experience mumbling, quiet speech, slurred speech, and difficulty in moving the mouth.

Signs and symptoms of speech difficulties

The type of speech difficulties treatment depends on the severity of the disorder and underlying cause. There are various treatment options, but at first, it is necessary to detect the symptoms of speech difficulties:

  1. Distorting sounds and adding extra words
  2. Prolonging or repeating sounds are often seen in people who stutter
  3. Difficulty in saying the correct word
  4. Speaking with a raspy voice
  5. Blinking or taking frequent pauses repeatedly while talking
  6. Frustration while communicating
  7. Making jerky movements that involve the head while talking

Sample essay on speech difficulties in Ireland

Title: Is it possible to treat speech difficulties in children?

Speech defects can affect self-esteem and the overall quality of life of an individual. Some speech difficulties can simply go away due to which mild speech difficulties do not require any treatment. However, two treatment options are helpful in treating speech difficulties, including speech therapy exercises and physical exercises. Speech therapy exercises focus on building skills with specific sounds. Physical activities concentrate on muscle strengthening to produce clear speech sounds.

SLPs teach individuals with cognitive-communication difficulties to recognize particular sounds, and contrast therapy involves saying word pairs for treating speech disorder. Moreover, oral motor therapy promotes motor control and muscle strength to help people in producing smoother speech. Speech therapy and anti-anxiety medications can help individuals in improving speech disabilities.

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