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Concept of Spirituality in Life-: limiting Illness- Palliative Care Essay Writing Sample Ireland

The social workers understand the concept of spirituality in life-limiting illnesses. The goal of assigning Irish students with palliative care essays is to inform them about the social work perspective. The lack of religion and spirituality accepts definitional clarity. Spirituality in social work review as the individual search for meaning. College students must highlight the importance of spirituality in palliative care.

Concept of Spirituality in Life-: limiting Illness- Palliative Care Essay Writing Sample Ireland

Spirituality can be like a connection with the values that guide the individual’s search for purpose and meaning in life. It is an essential component of quality of life, which acts as a vital factor in guiding how people treat with experience healing, and illness, and achieves a level of treatment. The students of Ireland can take help from the palliative care assignment sample for preparing an effective academic essay.

How to provide Spirituality in Palliative Care?

  • The students can focus on the following ways, which reflect how to provide spiritual care:
  • It is efficient to ask the patient about their health and things that are essential to them.
  • It is beneficial if the healthcare providers pay attention to the nonverbal cues of the patient.
  • The healthcare supporters of palliative care can make an eye-contact with the patient or give a smile to make the patient comfortable.
  • It is better to ask the patient how healthcare providers support them.

Palliative care is the practical approach that promotes the quality of a patient’s life who is facing the problem associated with a life-limiting illness. It becomes essential to address the prevention and relief of suffering from the treatment of pain and other physical, spiritual, and psychosocial problem. Palliative care spiritual assessment aims to offer a support system and comfort care at the end of life to cope with the issue due to illness. Palliative care mainly focuses on preventing, anticipating, and treating the symptoms experienced by patients with life-limiting illnesses.

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Importance of Spirituality in Palliative care

All the domains of palliative care are interlinked with each other. Many palliative care patients find changes related to their spirituality when they are near to the end of their life. Some patients get closer to God and find religion as a coping mechanism to promote well-being. However, some patients get confused with spiritual care at the end of life, and spiritual conflicts with the supreme power.

  • Spirituality is the crucial factor in palliative care, as many people experiencing spiritual distress can improve their mentality and outlook.
  • Spiritual care is an integral part of palliative care. The healthcare providers recognized that spirituality is vital for people who are near the end of their life.

At the end of life care, spirituality is not about imposing values and beliefs or converting an ill person. Instead, it is about providing meaning, strength, and purpose to palliative care patients along with their families.

Significant sample on the concept of spirituality in palliative care essay

Title: Relation of spirituality and end of life care

Spirituality refers to values and beliefs held by the person on the meaning of life. It becomes efficient to address the spiritual needs of those palliative care patients who approach the end of life. It has a full scope as compared with religion; it becomes quite different from the concepts of emotional and psychosocial care. In assessing the spiritual needs of palliative care, it is efficient to go with the spiritual assessment.

The palliative care learners’ record supporter needs training and education on spirituality to recognize and respond to spiritual needs quickly. The spiritual care supporters need to develop a caring attitude towards their patients to help them to understand their needs. It is necessary to educate the care providers about the importance of individualized spiritual care.

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