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Assignment example on stroke cause and treatment care skills demonstration

When the blood supply to the brain parts gets reduced or interrupted then a stroke occurs. It prevents the brain tissue from getting enough oxygen as well as nutrients to function properly. Every stroke is different and causes damage to parts of the brain. The effects of stroke generally depend on the brain part that is affected by the stroke. For some people, the effects of stroke do not last long and are mild. However, other strokes can have continued disability or are severe. A stroke is a kind of medical emergency and requires crucial treatment.

Assignment example on stroke cause and treatment care skills demonstration

Example assignment on stroke cause and treatment care skills demonstration

Title: What are stroke effects and treatment methods?


A stroke is generally caused by a disruption of the blood supply to the brain part. Though it can happen to anyone, still some people are at high risk due to family history and age factors. Other risk factors due to which people can experience stroke include diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and being overweight. Ischemic stroke or blocked archery and hemorrhagic stroke that refer to bursting or leaking of a blood vessel are the major causes of stroke. Some of the factors related to hemorrhagic stroke include trauma like a car accident, uncontrolled blood pressure, protein deposits in walls of blood vessels that lead to weakness in the vessel wall.

Main body section:

Effects of stroke

In the majority of people, the left side of the brain manages reading, language, understanding, writing, and talking skills. The right side of the brain controls spatial skills like position, speed, and distance and perceptual skills including understanding what individuals touch, see, or hear. Thus, any change happening in the brain affects all such skills among individuals. Apart from it, people can suffer from the following stroke effects:

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  • If one person has weakness/ stroke on the left side of the body, then it can become a loss of their vision.
  • A stroke can damage the brain area that sends a message to the limbs. It causes paralysis.
  • People having a stroke may suffer from swallowing problems due to which they feel hard to swallow food and liquids.
  • Stroke can affect a person’s capability to use and understand the language known as aphasia. People having a stroke can face trouble in understanding the words and expressing them.
  • Changes in the brain due to stroke can cause anger, mood swings, depression, and loss of confidence.

Care skills demonstration

  • Physical needs:

A stroke can result in low motivation, drop mood swings, low self-esteem, or disability due to which people find it difficult to enjoy leisure activities. The role of the healthcare provider is to treat patients with any exercise they need and help them in becoming more independent. Encouragement is one of the effective ways to help individuals reach their personal goals.

  • Hygiene needs:

For the health and wellbeing of individuals, the care of the client is crucial. The nursing professionals should ensure that the daily hygiene needs of individuals are met including dressing, brushing, and many more.

  • Nutrition:

In maintaining the client’s health suffering from stroke, nutrition plays a significant role. It helps in maintaining body weight, keeping the cells working efficiently, and so on.


A stroke that causes damage to the brain can also become a reason for temporary or permanent disabilities. Once an individual knows what are the stroke risk factors and their causes, they can adopt a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, taking treatment and recommendations from a healthcare professional is beneficial to reduce stroke complications.

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