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Reflective Essay Sample on the Stroke patients 

The following piece of reflective journal or writing will highlight the condition of stroke and various aspects related to this condition. Irish Heart Cardiac Rehabilitation is a programme designed for the heart health of stroke patients and provides education on risk factor management.

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We all live in a joint family where the health of my paternal uncle who is a survivor of stroke is being closely monitored by us. There are many health problems that stroke patients have to face even after they recover from it. The condition gets improved by regular medical intervention and rehabilitation.

All the members of the family took care of him when he got his first stroke the previous year. I have also taken care of him which has helped me to study and get a detailed understanding of stroke in a better way.

The condition of stroke usually occurs when the supply of blood gets interrupted to a part of the brain. It reduces the brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients and is usually a medical emergency which requires immediate treatment.

When he got his stroke he was hospitalised in Mater Hospital in Dublin, Ireland and the main cause of his stroke was due to blockage in his artery (ischemic stroke). There is another form of stroke which is caused due to bursting of the blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke).

Complications noticed by me during the care of my paternal uncle 

From the past few days before his stroke occurred, he was getting tremendous mood swings, anxiety, emotional outburst and depression. He started mumbling words and having difficulty in speech and understanding others with a sudden change in his behaviour.

He developed difficulty in vision, balancing his body, walking and severe headache along with vomiting and dizziness before getting a stroke.

After a few days, he developed the condition of paralysis on the left side of his body, difficulty in the food swallowing and numbness in some parts of the body. This made him dependant on the other family members for his daily chores and grooming.

After his recovery from the stroke, it caused him memory loss and language disorders eventually. He felt over-anxious and started losing his confidence in decision making and sleeping difficulty. He also remained fatigued most of the time and pessimistic along with the digestive issues.

Causes of his stroke according to the healthcare professionals  

Stroke is caused due to many underlying factors of lifestyle and already existing medical condition in the body of a person. I had a detail discussion with the medical health care staff at the hospital to which my uncle was admitted.

They claimed that his condition has become critical due to obesity and overweight, risky lifestyle of heavy drinking and smoking. All these habits worsened his health condition developing high levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes which runs in our family history.

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Preventive measures are taken by me and family to reduce his risk of the second stroke

  • By looking at the physical condition and heart health status him. The members of my family got him a professional carer to deal with any emergency situation and complications.
  • There was a follow-up care routine set up by the doctor for him after his discharge from the hospital. Since he already had high blood pressure and cholesterol levels it was very important to make healthy lifestyle changes for him.
  • A proper healthy and fatless diet was specially prepared for him at home which helped in reducing the buildup in the arteries.

The Mediterranean diet was added to his daily meals which included fruits, vegetables, olive oil, grains, nuts and legumes along with a prescribed cholesterol controlling medication.

  • Some freehand exercises and walking was instructed by the doctor which helped him to reduce his weight and to keep the blood sugar level in a healthy range.

Aerobic exercises were also part of his regular physical exercise. It reduces the risk of stroke which lowers the blood pressure and increases good cholesterol which improves the health of blood vessels and heart.

A moderate thirty minutes of exercise was made mandatory for him that can include cycling, yoga, swimming, jogging.

  • We restricted his heavy smoking and drinking habits completely as it could make his condition worst.
  • A device for obstructive sleep apnea was recommended by the doctor to help him deliver positive air pressure through a mask to keep the air open while sleeping. It reduces sleep disorders and breathing problems.
  • Doctor recommended medication were given to him time to help him reduce the risk of the second stroke. Such medication includes antiplatelet drugs called Aspirin in the right dosage.

Other drugs like Warfarin which is a blood-thinning and long term use drugs was given along with regular blood tests. Some of the other medications used for heart patients are dabigatran, rivaroxaban, apixaban and edoxaban.

Regular medication, health checkups, monitoring of diet and exercise it has improved his health and quality of life.

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The above writing is based on the reflection of a stroke patient and his lifestyle.

Healthcare Support QQI Level 5, Occupational First Aid Course FETAC Level 5, Wellbeing QQI Level 5, Care Assistant QQI Level 5 and Nursing Studies QQI Level 5 students can benefit from reading this sample on the stroke patients.

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