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Telehealth With Occupational Therapists Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample is based on Telehealth with Occupational Therapists. It shall cover the importance of telehealth in occupational therapy, telehealth to deliver occupational therapy services, and the benefits of telehealth for occupational therapists.

During the covid 19 pandemic, occupational therapy practitioners are using telehealth for devising new solutions for providing their healthcare services.

Telehealth Occupational Therapists Assessment Sample

Telehealth is referred to as the medical services that are being made available to the patients over a platform operated by the technology. This may include a live video, store and forward, remote patient monitoring, and use of mobile health.

Telehealth has helped many healthcare professionals to deliver their services like speech-language pathologists, physicians, psychologists, nurses, physical therapy practitioners, surgeons, occupational therapists, etc.

Importance of Telehealth in Occupational Therapy 

Telehealth originated to provide healthcare services to the much-needed rural population. It has improved the accessibility to those people who cannot otherwise afford to get the occupational therapy sessions.

It has a very convenient delivery of care on-demand to meet the needs of the patients. Such patients who need receiving therapy earlier had to be dependent and driven around by their families. But in today’s era, they can receive therapy within the comfort of their homes.

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Telehealth is very important for the patient’s education, management of chronic illnesses, medication management, and occupational therapy.

Occupational therapists have devised many ways to provide such care from a remote location. It has also removed many barriers such as getting an appointment, dealing with transportation issues, health conditions, and social-economic limitations. This provides a direct face-to-face interaction between the healthcare providers and the patients.

Using Telehealth to Deliver the Occupational Therapy Services 

Telehealth is showing an effective outcome in both the physical and behavioral health conditions of a patient.

This has provided a higher level of satisfaction among the patients by adding convenience and comfort for the patients. As they can now participate in the occupational therapy sessions at home using their device and choosing their time slot.

Occupational therapists (OTs) use telehealth for evaluation, intervention, education, and to prevent any form of injuries and health conditions.

Occupational Therapists can implement telehealth across the various practice settings like the early intervention schools, burn units, mental health, pediatric private practice, inpatient and outpatient settings, etc.

In early childhood or school, setting telehealth has increasingly delivered the care services timely to those children who can not attend in-person sessions. It helps in saving costs, and expenses, fixing schedules and providing easy access to care services for homebound students.

The school-based occupational therapy care uses telehealth to improve the ability of children to follow directions, improve social skills and take commands. This also addresses the complex needs (medical) of children that includes motor control issues, autism spectrum disorder, etc.

Parents, patients, and carers are all involved and work as a team when the occupational therapy sessions are provided with telehealth. Occupational therapists contribute to the health of the public with the help of telehealth as it provides interventions for many behavioral health issues, implementation of behavioral health screenings, self-management of chronic illnesses, and coordination of care to ensure health and wellness.

Such healthcare practitioners use telehealth for making home visits, mobility and adaptive equipment assessments, daily life assessments, training, wheelchair assessments and orthopedic consultations, etc.

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Benefits of Telehealth for  Occupational Therapists 

There are many benefits of telehealth usage for occupational therapist practice and career. In today’s era, such practitioners must add telehealth to their practice permanently. This shall help in building the required skills for telepractice by cleaning the telepractice certification.

Some of the benefits of telehealth for occupational therapists are:-

Telehealth Increasing Safety for Occupational Therapists 

Occupational therapists are known for providing in-person care services which means regular meetings with the patients to provide them with treatment.

Attending so many in-person sessions can put the patient and therapist’s life in danger due to the spread of infection.

Telehealth increases the flexibility of the therapists and their ability to administer services without having to leave homes and facing severe weather conditions and returning home in during late-night hours or other circumstances.

Occupational Therapists can Enjoy Work-Life Balance by Making a Flexible Schedule for Work

Implementation of any technology and services has created a work schedule flexibility for occupational therapists. They can now widen their prospects in work by taking several appointments for the day and can provide therapy sessions at odd hours without even having to visit the office.

This helps the occupational therapists to maintain a work-life balance as they can spend more time with their families now. They can get a sense of freedom and helps in prioritizing commitments which impacts their overall health and wellbeing.

Increasing Efficiency Leading to the Professional Advancement 

Since staying back at home saves an ample amount of time for the occupational therapists they can utilize this saved time for other productive purposes.

They can self educate, develop and grow in their respective field by developing professional skills which will make them innovative and widen the area of practice. This can advance their profession and help in stabilizing the client base through social distancing.

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Telehealth Enhancing the Health and Wellness of the Occupational Therapists 

Teletherapy provides the very opportunity of working from home where the environment is much under our control of us. It ensures a much safer environment for our health and wellbeing.

While working in an office building can cause sick building syndrome which has the symptoms of nausea, fatigue ness, sickness, headaches, etc.

This can decrease the productivity level at the workplace. Building syndrome usually occurs due to environmental toxins and bad quality of air affecting the overall health of the occupational therapists.

As there is no bad air inside our homes affecting our health it also reduces the chances of a therapist getting infected by a covid virus or other diseases.

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The above-written essay sample is based on Telehealth with Occupational Therapists and various other aspects associated with it.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Theory QQI Level 5 (N22826), Occupational Therapy Assistant Practice QQI Level 5 (N22825), Healthcare QQI Level 5, Health Service Skills QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQI Level 5students can read this above-written essay sample to enhance their knowledge about technology used in the healthcare and occupational therapy practice.

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